she who i love.

the story follows a young boy who finds his true love in hih school. i wanted a change of pace for story writing so i decided to do a romance book


3. getting to know her.

It had only been a day since i met her but i was all fuzzy on the inside and was amazingly happy whenever i was near her, i'm not sure why but she just has a way of making me smile. It was only her second day so i decided to show her around a bit so when i bumped into her i began by showing her the dining hall where me and my friends always go in a morning and began by introducing her to two of my friends, Lewis, a brown haired boy that enjoys insulting people and David, a loyal friend if there ever was one, i met them in year seven and we've been friends since. It turns out that we have a lot in common as we are all gamers and like to read and write books. We didn't carry on the conversation for long as we only had 10 minutes until first bell so we decided to meet up at lunch and get to know her a bit more. We walked around the school building for a bit more and i showed her each and every classroom she may need to know and we walked together to our first lesson which was music, we were already in groups from last lesson so i decided to ask my friends is Ester could help out in our piece and they agreed, these two are always kind so i knew they would as its just in their nature, the two were called Rose, a long haired girl who is very funny, and Lilly, a black haired girl who always knows how to cheer someone up. I introduced Ester and we found out that she plays the piano (which was good as we needed a piano player for our piece) so we all sat down and helped Ester understand how it went. She was a beautiful piano player and an amazing music writer as in the time where we practiced individually with random notes I heard her play a divine piece she told me she had written. while she played, I watched her concentration and noticed a warming smile on her face while she played each note making me wonder if she was an angel.

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