There's nothing left for me here in Cold water, England. I've been searching for 'the blood holder'. I've finally found him. I must protect him. Even if it takes me a century, I must protect him. He's our last hope. The last thing that will keep us alive. He's the only thing the universe is holding onto. I've lived centuries, but I've never felt this devoted to finding the Harry Styles.


4. The date

Tessa's POV

I took a shower in Samantha's mansion. Or technically my mansion. Lea walked into the bathroom. I said "what do you want?" Lea said "the full moon is tomorrow night, so I need you to help me stay in control." I said "ok." Lea said "also be careful with Harry. Cause you know the elders say if you change him into a vampire or anything the supernatural world could go down." I said "wow soooo comforting." Lea chuckled and left. I put on a one sleeve purple dress, black heels, and a cross necklace. I braided my hair to one side. I put on black eye liner, black mascara, purple eye shadow, red lip stick, and pink blush. I walked downstairs. I saw Damian suck the life out of aunt Samantha, or should I say great great great many more greats niece. I pushed Damian off. But I was too late. I said "why did y-you do that?!!!" Damian said "to make your life a living hell." I just walked away. I left the mansion. I got on my black motorcycle and left. I arrived at Harry's house. I parked in front of it. I walked up to the door. I knocked on it. Harry opened it and said "hey." I said "may I come inside?" Harry said "yeah come in." I stepped in his house. I said "nice place ya got here." Harry said "thanks. You look beautiful tonight." I said "thank you. You don't look too bad yourself." Harry smiled and led me to the kitchen. I saw he was making lasagna. I said "well I looks good." Harry said "but it's not done yet babe." I said "babe?" Harry said "oh yeah I call girls that." I nodded. I set the table. I said "where's you aunt Zoe, and sister Gemma?" Harry said "it's Friday thank god, so uh their in London to do some things. I stayed here to have a date with you." I said "ok. So you cook. Who taught you?" Harry said "my mum. She passed away a while ago though." I said "I'm so sorry." Harry said "it's alright." Harry put the food on the table. We sat down ate, and talked. When we we're done we cleaned up. Harry was washing dishes, I was drying dishes. Then suddenly Harry cut his finger on a knife. I turned around quickly. My fangs came out. Harry said "Tessa you alright!?" My fangs went back in. I turned around. I said "oh I'm fine." Harry put a bandage on his finger. That he cut. We sat on the couch and watched movies. Harry had his arm around me. When the movie was over we just talked. I said "I better go." I stood up. But Harry grabbed my hand. I sat down again. Harry said "please stay." I said "I don't..." Harry kissed me. It was passionate. I laid on top of him. We pulled away. I said "know." Harry kissed me again. I said "ok fine." I laid on top of him again. My hair was in his face. Which made him smile. Harry said "your so beautiful." I said "thank you." Harry laid on top of me. He said "can we go in my room." I said "fine." Harry picked me up and carried me bridal style. We went into his room. I saw it was clean, had gray walls, and a queen size bed. I laid down on the bed. Harry laid next to me. He had his hand on my waist. I said "may I use some of your clothes?" Harry said "yeah sweats are in the top drawer." I nodded. I got up and put on sweat pants and a plain black shirt. I laid down again. Harry kissed me again. I sat on top of him. I said "how old are you?" Harry said "18. You?" I said "18." (I was turned when I was 18, but really I'm 2000 years old. Harry's not ready yet to find out.) Harry kissed me again. Harry took off his shirt. I saw tattoos. I said "nice." Harry said "yeah tattoos are my specialty." I laughed. I kissed him. We fell asleep.

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