There's nothing left for me here in Cold water, England. I've been searching for 'the blood holder'. I've finally found him. I must protect him. Even if it takes me a century, I must protect him. He's our last hope. The last thing that will keep us alive. He's the only thing the universe is holding onto. I've lived centuries, but I've never felt this devoted to finding the Harry Styles.


1. See the real me

I'm Tessa Grayson. I've been alive for 2,000 years. But the supernatural creatures have been alive longer. You wonder 'how?' Well I'm a vampire/witch. Yes never heard of, I know. Nature has created me. I have a sun ring, so I could walk in the sun without burning. There's many other creatures, good and bad, there are demons (bad), dopligangers (a matching human), witches, hybrids (werewolves+vampires), witch/vampires, vampires, shapeshifters, and 'the blood holder'. I've saw many things in this world. Wars, fights, evolutions, success, and humans rebelling against their leaders. I'm a loner, but I need my werewolf friend Lea Darrison with me. To keep me sane, while searching for 'the blood holder'. Do you want to know why that name 'the blood holder' is called that. Well in history there has been the one human that will keep the balance in nature. The one thing that will save us from extinction, well you know humans are onto us. With the movie Twilight and other tv shows and movies. Well the encounters with us are quite terrible. So we need him to save us. So my boss Wyatt Terrance sent me on the mission, 8 years ago. I never got a glimpse of him. I hope I will find him and save our kind.

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