There's nothing left for me here in Cold water, England. I've been searching for 'the blood holder'. I've finally found him. I must protect him. Even if it takes me a century, I must protect him. He's our last hope. The last thing that will keep us alive. He's the only thing the universe is holding onto. I've lived centuries, but I've never felt this devoted to finding the Harry Styles.


5. Saturday

Harry's POV

I woke up alone. There was a sticky note on my forehead. I read it. It said:

Dear, Harry

I went to get something to eat, so I'm coming back around 12:00-12:30. Oh I'm going to make breakfast. And getting Starbucks. Love you.

Sincerely, Tessa

I got up and walked downstairs. I stopped while walking. Wait she said she loved me? I kept walking. I went into the kitchen. I saw Tessa sitting on the counter eating an apple, and watching something cook on the stove. I said "hey." Tessa said "hello." I walked over to Tessa. I kissed her lips. I looked at the stove. I saw pancakes. Tessa flipped them over. I said "so on the note, you said that you love me." Tessa said "oh sorry, I forgot that we weren't...." I kissed he and picked her up. Then laid her down on the counter. I said "I love you." She smiled. She sat up and put the pancakes on a plate. I said "may I ask you a question?" Tessa said "ya." I said "who was the guy you were fighting at school?" Tessa said "my brother Damian." I nodded. Tessa said "do you want to come over to mine tonight?" I said "yeah." Tessa said "ok I'm going to go, and you can come over around 5:00." I nodded. And kissed her and said goodbye. Well meeting Damian is going to be awkward.

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