There's nothing left for me here in Cold water, England. I've been searching for 'the blood holder'. I've finally found him. I must protect him. Even if it takes me a century, I must protect him. He's our last hope. The last thing that will keep us alive. He's the only thing the universe is holding onto. I've lived centuries, but I've never felt this devoted to finding the Harry Styles.


9. Halloween part 2

Tessa's POV

Harry said "turn me." I said "w-what?!!" I stood up. Harry said "sorry I shouldn't have said anything." I gulped. Harry stood up in front of me. I said "I have to leave." Harry said "n-no!!!" I jumped out the window. Harry jumped down into my arms. I said "Harry go away." I walk away. Harry followed me. Harry grabbed my arm. A tear rolled my cheek. I said "Harry I don't want you to be a monster like me." Harry said "I'm sorry." I said "Harry I never told you this, but I used to be a "ripper" I killed people everywhere I went. I-I just don't want anyone to end up like me." Harry said "let's go back to my house." I nodded. We walked to the front door. Harry opened the door. We saw Zoe and Gemma lying on the floor dead. Harry screamed. We saw Damian run out the back. Harry fell to the floor. I said "H-Harry?" Harry had his head in his hands. I picked up Zoe and Gemma and laid them on the two couches in the living room. I covered them with blankets, and turned the a.c to a cold temperature. Harry went up in his room. I followed. He laid on his bed. I sat next to him. He was sobbing. I said "Harry look at me." Harry didn't look at me. I said "LOOK AT ME." Harry looked at me. I hugged him. He squeezed me. Sobbing. I said "shhhh. Shhhh." I stroked his head. He said "I-It h-hurts." I said "shhhhh. It's going to be okay." I laid down, and Harry put his head on my chest. His tears landed on my chest. We fell asleep. Next morning. I woke up and saw Harry sitting on a chair by the window. I said "we have to go to school today, but if you don't want to go it's fine." Harry said "let's go." I nodded. I put on gray sweat pants, a plain red t-shirt, brown uggs, and a gold cross necklace. I put my hair up in a ponytail. I walked out of the bathroom. I saw Harry wearing black skinny jeans, a plain black t-shirt, brown boots, and silver cross necklace. I grabbed my backpack. Harry's face was blank. No emotion. I grabbed his hand. He sighed. I kissed his hand. I said "if you want to ditch it's ok to leave." Harry nodded. We walked out of his room. I had Liam, Louis, and Lea bury Zoe and Gemma in the cemetery, and have a guy I know named Wyatt make 2 grave stones. We walked to Harry's car and Harry drove it to school. I sat behind him. We parked in the front of the school. Harry grabbed my hand. I said "it's going to be okay." We walked down the hall. Then Zayn pushed Harry into the lockers. Zayn said "hey Hazza how are you? Oh never mind your spend too much time with your girlfriend and Liam, Louis, and that girl Lea that me and Niall aren't important. What the hell happened?!!!" He punched Harry. I pushed Zayn in the lockers. Liam and Louis dragged Zayn away. Niall ran up to Harry. Niall said "Harry Zayn's girlfriend Perrie did something to him." I said "Perrie Edwards?" Niall nodded. Lea stood next to me. I whispered (to Lea) "Perrie is Damian's love of his life." Lea said "oh god." Harry had his head in his hands. Everybody went into the classes. I dragged Harry to the bathroom after Lea left. Harry sat on the floor. I kneeled down next to him. Harry grabbed me and sobbed into my chest. I hugged him. I said "we are leaving and you can get you high school diploma cause you have enough credits." Harry nodded. We walked out of the school. I drove his car to Crystal lake. Harry whispered "what are we doing here?" I said "my family owns the lake house over there. So earlier I packed a bag of clothes, food, drinks, and blood bags to stay here for awhile. You need time away from everything. Oh and Perrie, Liam, Louis, Lea, Niall, and Louis's girlfriend are coming over for a Halloween party. Your being a hot surgeon, and I'm being a cute vampire." Harry said "vampire really? That's so unreal." I chuckled. I grabbed the large duffel bag. And ran vamp speed inside then ran out. Harry and I walked inside. Harry gasped. I smiled. And walked into the living room and turned on the tv. I watched Cupcake wars. Harry laid on the couch. I laid on top of him. I said "Harry this is a bad time I know, but I'm planning the funeral for Gemma and Zoe. It's going to be next Monday. I'm so sorry." I kissed his head. Harry said "thank you so much." Harry had tears rolling down his cheeks. I wiped them away, and said "no more tears today, you can cry as much as you want tomorrow or the next day. But today your going to have a good day." Harry nodded. Liam, Louis, Louis's girlfriend, and Lea walked in with decorations, food, drinks, etc. Liam said "ello lovely birds." I said "ello Liam." Louis said "oh guys this is Eleanor Calder. She's a witch/dopplaganger." I said "cool. I'm Tessa, you can call me Tess, or and anything." Harry said "I call her Tessabear!!" Eleanor said "ok well let's decorate this house!!!!" We decorated everything. It was 6:00. Harry and I were getting dressed in my old room. I put on my vampire dress, boots, tights, and put on red lip stick. Harry had hot scrubs on, a medical mask, and fake blood all over him. I said "hello." Harry said "you look beautiful." I said "thanks." We walked down stairs. I sat on the counter talking to Eleanor, when Perrie, Zayn, and Niall walked in. I said "hey." Perrie said "Tessa?!" I nodded. Perrie hugged me. I said "Damian is not here. He's a phsyco killer now." Perrie said "I'm in love with Zayn. He's a vampire now. But I found our his dad was a demon so he's half demon." I nodded. 2 hours later. We all were talking. Niall said "want to play truth or dare?" We nodded. We played for a while then everyone left. Harry and I were cleaning. Harry said "so do you want to go to bed?" I said "yeah I'm tired." We went up stairs to my room. I laid on the bed. Harry laid next to me. We laid there for at least 20 minutes. I said "I can't sleep." I rolled over facing Harry. Harry said "me neither." He faced me. I kissed him. Harry smiled. You know what happens next.......

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