There's nothing left for me here in Cold water, England. I've been searching for 'the blood holder'. I've finally found him. I must protect him. Even if it takes me a century, I must protect him. He's our last hope. The last thing that will keep us alive. He's the only thing the universe is holding onto. I've lived centuries, but I've never felt this devoted to finding the Harry Styles.


2. Found

Tessa's POV

It's midnight. Dark outside. So quiet. Until I stumble upon a high school Bon fire party. Ugh. There's alcohol everywhere. Really?! Then I see him. The blood holder. Damn he's cute. What am I saying?!!!! Anyways he's stumbling around with 2 lads. I sit in a tree. Observing. Their really hammered. Heh I remember those days, but It was really different than this. Skip to the morning. I went Cold water's high school. I'm going to get into that high school and observe him. I went to the secretary. She said "how may I help you?" I said "I would like to go to this school. Here's the paper work." I handed it to her. She nodded, and said "ok Tessa Grayson. Here's your schedule." I said "thanks ma'am." I walked down the hall. I was wearing a white shirt, black leather jacket, denim skinny jeans, and red vans. I walked into the girls bathroom. I saw 'the blood holder' a.k.a Harry styles. He was talking to a young girl who was about to pass out. He looked at me. I said "aren't you a guy?" He said "yeah." I said "well do you observe girls in here?" He laughed, and said "oh no. My sister Gemma needs to fix her life up, so I'm in here talking to her." I said "well have a good time with that." I walked out of the bathroom. I saw a tall blonde girl and 2 blonde bimbos staring at me like I was an alien. I walked to my 1st period: Soc. Studies with Mr. Hunt. I sat in the back of the classroom. I saw Harry walk into the class with 4 other lads. They stared at me. Harry and 1 other lad sat next to me. I was tapping my pencil. Harry said "first day huh?" I said "of coarse." Harry said "hi I'm Harry, Harry styles." I said "hi I'm Tessa, Tessa Grayson." Harry said "hey isn't your family the ones that own the Grayson mansion on West baron hill?" I said "yeah I live with my aunt Samantha there." Harry said "cool, I live with my aunt Zoe in a blue 2 story house on Evergreen Dr." I said "I'm a complete stranger, and telling me where you live? Y'know I could be a serial killer." Harry said "heh ya. But your too beautiful to be a serial killer." I said "thanks." Harry said "oh wait I want you to meet Niall." Niall was sitting next to Harry. I said "hey." Niall said "hi." Then Mr. Hunt said "Tessa Grayson." I said "yeah." Mr. Hunt said "pay attention. You could learn something." I said "yeah I could. But I think my brain has too much on it's memory, so I think I'll take a break." Everyone oohed. Mr. Hunt said "erm uh ugh." I smirked. Niall said "that's the first time anyone made Mr. Hunt go speechless." I said "yeah I make everyone speechless." Mr. Hunt said "Tessa Grayson a family member wants to see you out in the hall." I said "thanks sir." I walked out in the hall and I saw Lea and holy shit. I couldn't believe my eyes. Was it really him?

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