Witchcraft and Misery

15 year old, Ella Harpy is a witch. falling in love with a mere-mortal is forbidden and is against witch law. What happens when she falls in love with ordinary, Niall Horan, who has no clue? Want more? Read the story to find out what happens.


1. Prologue

Living everyday as an outcast is enough.

Now, I can't fall in love with my life-long crush.

Can anything get worse? I'm Ella Harpy and

I'm a witch. I wish the guy who I like would at

least talk to me once. But, NO. How much does

he notice me in a day? A lot. But in a bad way.

He whispers a lot when I'm around. I don't think

I like it anymore. I used to think he liked me back.

But now, I don't know.

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