Backstage with 1D

Teen girl is excited to win tickets and back stage pass to a 1D concert. She was expecting fun, excitement, and a moment of a lifetime with her fave band but got more than she bargained for.


1. You're a winner

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!" I can't believe I won!" Emma immediately texted her friend, Ana' "Ana, you won't believe this but i won 3 tickets w/backstage passes to see 1D. Please come with me. The concert is next month on the 11th at Nationals Park in DC".  Emma Easton, a  petite 15 year old with shoulder length, jet black hair was a huge 1D fan but Niall Horan was her boy.  Ana Canton, her best friend, a brunette with a pixy hair cut, was short and athletic. Harry Styles was her favorite.  A week ago, Emma had entered a contest sponsored by her local radio station but she never expected to win. When she heard the radio DJ say "Emma Easton has just won 3 tickets w/backstages passes for the One Direction concert at Nationals Park on August 11th", Emma dropped to the floor crying as she was overcome with intense emotions.  This contest had been her only chance to possibly attend since her parents could not afford the pricey tickets. After she gained her composure, she asked her mom to take her to the radio station to pick up the tickets.  Once she got the tickets in hand, she immediately texted her bff, Ana.  From that moment on, the day of the concert, August 11th, seemed liked a lifetime away.  The days dragged on and on.  The two friends made the best of their time as they planned everything out.  Emma's mom would to drive them to the concert and serve as chaperone since they had an extra ticket on hand.  Now with the concert only days away, the excited teens got busy.  They met daily at Ana's house daily to work on the t-shirts they would wear, and posters they would carry.

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