Backstage with 1D

Teen girl is excited to win tickets and back stage pass to a 1D concert. She was expecting fun, excitement, and a moment of a lifetime with her fave band but got more than she bargained for.


4. The Boys

Emma and Ana were in total disbelief as they entered the room where 1D awaited them. Louis, Harry, Liam, Niall, and Zayn were even more handsome than they ever imagined!  The girls could not contain their tears as the boys introduced themselves, one by one.  Harry wrapped his arms around Ana, as Zayn embraced Emma, both telling the girls to stop crying. They couldn't help themselves but finally calmed down. "What would you like to ask us?' Niall asked the girls. "Wait Niall, I have an idea", said Harry.  Harry was interrupted by a very loud clap of thunder as they heard the sky open up and the rain start coming down hard.  They would have to wait out the storm in the boys locker room.  The boys' manager pulled up the weather on his phone, and told everyone that they would have to delay the concert at least another hour, if not two. Or else cancel the concert all together. The boys quickly made a consensus decision to delay the concert, so Harry went out and addressed the crowd. "My beautiful and loyal fans, we want to give you what you came for but we will have to delay the concert.  Please be patient as we wait out this storm. We love you!!!".  The crowd settled down as they waited out the storm.  Harry returned backstage and immediately begin singing "~~You're insecure,  Don't know what for....


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