Backstage with 1D

Teen girl is excited to win tickets and back stage pass to a 1D concert. She was expecting fun, excitement, and a moment of a lifetime with her fave band but got more than she bargained for.


2. The Big Day

"Wake up, Ana", Emma yelled.  "We have to get ready for the concert".  Ana groggily answered "it's only 7:00 am, the concert is not for another 12 hours, go back to bed, Emma".  But Emma could not go back to sleep.  She was so pumped up for the concert. While Ana slept (late) Emma did everything she could to kill time.  She vacuumed the living floor, cleaned both bathrooms, rearranged the clothes in her closet, loaded the dishwasher, and the showered.  By then it was close to 11:00 and Ana was still not up.  Emma was clearly aggravated as she proceeded to vacuum her room, hoping the noise would finally get Ana up.  It took a few minutes of running the loud vacuum cleaner to get Ana up but it worked.  After Ana showered and ate breakfast, the teens put finishing touches on the posters for the concert.  Ana's poster had the words "We Love You, 1D" and was covered in glitter.  Emma's poster simply said "Marry me, Niall!! in large red letters against a white background.  During the next few hours, the teens sat in front of the family computer and watch 1D on youtube over and over.  Finally, it was time to leave the house.  Emma's mom decided not to drive because her husband volunteered to dropped them off in front of the stadium.   On the way there, they stopped at Panera's and had linner (lunch/dinner combined). Emma had the Sierra Turkey sandwich and Ana had the salad/sandwich combo which they gobbled quickly to get back on the road to the concert.  

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