Backstage with 1D

Teen girl is excited to win tickets and back stage pass to a 1D concert. She was expecting fun, excitement, and a moment of a lifetime with her fave band but got more than she bargained for.


3. 5SOS

It was raining lightly as the girls were dropped off on the street adjacent to Nationals Park stadium in Washington, DC.  The wet weather did little very to sway the thousands of fans already gathered as they arrived at 5:00 pm.  Proudly wearing their t-shirts, they grabbed their signs and waded into the throng of people waiting in line to enter the stadium.  Emma's mom warned them to stay close because the potential for getting lost in the crowd was great. Since they had their tickets already in hand, they made their way to their assigned seats.  It was not an easy task as they had to fight the big crowd of people also trying to find their way.  They settled in their seats as they wait for the concert to begin.  As they looked at the stage, they could see band members of 5SOS (Five Second of Summer) make their way unto the stage, as the crowd erupts in cheers.  The girls beginning screaming as the first notes of Girls of Summer began playing.  The girls sing every song of the Aussie's band.  5SoS finally finishes the set with She's So Perfect, with the girls screaming out the lyrics "~~You look so perfect standing there,  In my American Apparel underwear...". Just as another long break began before 1D took the stage, a staff member from the band's entourage tracked the girls down, and invited them to meet Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik in person for about 25 minutes.

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