Prisoner of the NeverNever

Maddison Talmullyn's mother has been missing for as long as she can remember, but when the world of the fey makes itself known to her, it gives her the courage to go searching for her. With help from her best friend Jasper, a shady elven prince named Rowan, a cat with a monstrous grin, a gremlin called Glitch and plenty others along the way she takes a trip to the NeverNever, but will she find what she's looking for?

Feedback greatly appreciated but if you are going to criticise it, please do so constructively. Thank you kindly.
(just as a forewarning it does contain some swears so brace yourself)


4. Magic. Cupboards. Gremlins.

We walked down the corridor my heart beating loudly in my chest. What did he want to talk to me about? Was I insane? What had I seen? The whole time we were walking, a small part of my mind whispered it was something to do with Mum.

We arrived at one of the old store cupboards hidden in the school, the building was quite old and had lots of small rooms and spaces no one had been in for years, and Jas being the sneaky bugger he was had managed to steal the key to it last year. He put the key (which was made of brass with a pattern moulded into the top) and turned it with a satisfying click. He pushed the door open and switched on the light as I followed him in, he closed it after me- shutting out the last sliver of light from the corridor.

It wasn't a big room, but it was just enough for two people to fit inside at a comfortable distance. Shelves full of old books and boxes lined the walls and I leaned against one, looking at Jas expectantly.

"Well? What's wrong with me?" I said, slouching against a shelf. He sighed and looked down,

"There's nothing wrong with you princess, but I need to explain something." he paused and took a deep breath, and took a moment to collect his thoughts before continuing.

"The world you live in is not the same as it once was, there's another one opening up to you. That thing you saw on the filing cabinet, I saw it too... It was a gremlin."

"What?!" I hissed, "What other world? Gremlins are only in faerie sto-"

Realisation slapped me in the face. What if this... this 'other world', what if it was one with magic and mythical creatures and other races? The unreal and unimaginable, imagined.


Jas coughed, bringing me back to reality and I looked at him, my thoughts still racing.

"Jas, what if that's where mum is?" he pursed his lips and I could see him thinking carefully about how to respond when he finally dropped the bombshell.

"She is"

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