Prisoner of the NeverNever

Maddison Talmullyn's mother has been missing for as long as she can remember, but when the world of the fey makes itself known to her, it gives her the courage to go searching for her. With help from her best friend Jasper, a shady elven prince named Rowan, a cat with a monstrous grin, a gremlin called Glitch and plenty others along the way she takes a trip to the NeverNever, but will she find what she's looking for?

Feedback greatly appreciated but if you are going to criticise it, please do so constructively. Thank you kindly.
(just as a forewarning it does contain some swears so brace yourself)


2. Hands. Jas. Lateness.

I stood for a second in our draughty kitchen and surveyed the damage from this morning's outburst, the shattered plate piled on the floor below where it connected with the wall and a greasy mark on the paint where the toast had taken most of the impact.

I sighed.

I decided that cleaning up the smashed porcelain would be a start. I crouched to the cupboard underneath the sink and searched for the dust pan and brush.

I hadn't heard the back door click open.

I was just about to stand up and begin cleaning up Poppy's mess when a strong hand constricted over my mouth. Panic filled my mind as another hand came over my eyes. I tried to scream but the hand was so tight all I could manage was a squeak. I was struggling to breathe and was frozen on the spot, not daring to move as I feared the fingers would somehow get tighter if I tried any kind of maneuver. Then I did the first thing I could think of. I bit the hands that bound me.

"Ow bloody hell Maddie!" I stood up and turned around -desperately trying to catch my breath- and came face to face with the familiar ice blue eyes and shaggy dish-water-blonde hair belonging to my best friend.

"Jasper Joulson I thought you were going to kill me" I scowled at him and crossed my arms as he cradled his sore fingers which, to my satisfaction, had bite marks in them.

"I get you every time though" He grinned,

"Yeah, and next time you do it remind me to mount your head on the living room wall"

"Princess, it would be an honour for you to have my head as a prominent feature in your living room" He mockingly bowed at me and I scowled further, suppressing the urge to go behind him and kick him in the backside so he'd fall over. 

Instead, I lightly rubbed the blotches of pain left on my face from where his hands had gripped me.

"Jas I think these are going to bruise" He frowned slightly and inspected a little further,

"Sorry Mads"

"You will be" I playfully punched him, maybe just a little harder than I should've, and set about scraping up the mess on the floor. Jas came and stood over me.

"Have you not gone yet" I said impatiently, concentrating on a stray piece of toast that was now stuck to the floor,

"Nope... Poppy trouble?"

I leant back on my heels and looked up at him.

"Yeah, if you're not going please make yourself useful and help clean the grease off the wall. Cloth's by the sink" He trudged over and dampened the rag, then began scrubbing away at the wall, just as my Auntie May came in.

 My Auntie May was Mum's sister, and I was told stories of her and the way she used to believe in a world of faeries and mythical creatures. My mother, I was informed, had long dark hair and a gentle temperament- where as I had got the Poppy end of the stick with my untameable red curls and short temper- but the thing I had inherited from my mother was her vibrant green eyes (Poppy's were a sad-looking blue, whether they had always been like that or it was because of my mother's disappearance that they were like this I couldn't tell). None the less, May had taken care of Poppy since the day I was found, and it looked like she would be doing the same for a long time because of Poppy's non-existent recovery.

She noticed Jas working on the grease spot.

"Hello Jasper"

"Hello Auntie May"

I had known Jas for what seemed like forever, and I wasn't even sure how we were friends, we just sort of were. And from this strong bond between him and I he became almost extended family. So much so that it appeared my relatives actually favoured him more than they did me. Which wasn't exactly surprising from his charming nature and 'unconventional good looks' as he liked to put himself. Needless to say I wasn't too pleased about this fact.

"Poppy's gone to bed again" May announced, and began making herself her morning cup of coffee.

"Shouldn't you two be going to sch-"

"Shit! Bye May" I grabbed my school bag from by the door and slung it over my shoulder, I then held out my hand for Jas to take,

"Looks like we're going to be late"

"Appears that way, you running?"

"Hell yeah I'm running"

We let May say good bye with a kiss on each of our cheeks and headed out the door to run for the bus.

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