The Dream That Came True

Niamh, who also goes by the name of Riley because A)it's easier to spell and pronounce B) When she was younger people took the piss out of her for her real name, a popularish, talented, intelligent and kind girl, is one day having the rare for her bad day she doesn't have them often.

This bad day does nothing but get her into deep trouble with her schools members of staff. When she answers her phone in science to an Aussie boy willing to sign her and the band she thinks it's a joke, but it's not and they soon discover that. Only to find one of the bands that would be touring with them is one of her best friends exes that broke her heart into a million pieces. Will they accept the record deal and tour offer?

In this story Riley realises how bad things can slowly fade down into nothing as the good builds up. A band fanfic.

From broken drumsticks, snapped bass strings and detentions to Broken hearts, Revenging exes and going on tour!









Ps I know there's a lot of ships but who doesn't love a great love story Niamh (Riley) is the main charcacter in this fanfic


2. Chapter 2

(Rylie's POV)

I quickly locked the practice room which we had rented and hopped on my penny board before skating off down the hallways to Science.

God how much I hated Science we had the most useless teacher ever Mr. Robinson was someone everyone despised even the teachers pet Chloe hated him. We all did whatever we could to try to piss him off and we managed to do just that almost every lesson but it was never enough to make him fully snap. We had tried anything and everything we could think of from stealing his phone to setting our exercise books on fire to even pouring acid all over his laptop but nothing seemed to work. Mr. Robinson hated me as much as was possible she would get the most warnings and detentions from him for the slightest misunderstandings. So today i really was having none of it. He wants to mess with me I'll bring it twice as hard. With that I strutted into the room and sat between Lozza and kitty as always. After half an hour of learning about the solar system i heard My phone buzz indicating she had a text message. I grinned as she had an idea as to what could really make him snap so i quickly turned up my phone volume to full and waited for another text but after 10 minuets I gave up. I had double science before lunch now so it was going to be a hell of a longgggggg morning. After another 20 minuets my phone went off but this time it was a call i knew this because I immediately recognised 'Billion Girls by Elyar Fox' begin to play. The class looked at me they all smiled knowing exactly what I was trying to do apart from one person in the room, who looked pissed beyond belief just to see how far I could push him I picked up and grinned as I saw an unknown number which always intruigued me.

"Hey who is it and what's up?" I asked

"I was wondering if Rylie Smith is there?" An Australian accent hmm I wondered I'd never known an Australian before. I glanced at Mr. Robinson who was glaring if looks could kill I would be six feet under by now. In another attempt to push him to the limit I turned the phone onto speaker.

"Yes speaking, who is this sorry?"

"Oh right yeah sorry, my names Ashton, Ashton Irwin I'm calling on behalf of Hi Or Hey Records and Modest Management." He begun and I heard kitty gasp then she turned pale and looked like she had seen a ghost

"One moment please" I said before muting myself and turning to kitty "What the hell is wrong kitty you look like youve seen a ghost?"

"That.. That is the guy I shipped you with you know the one in 5 Seconds Of Summer?" She stuttered. I vaguely remember the conversation in the practice room then reply to her

"Kitty you actually believe a world famous band member would call my mobile phone in the middle of school on behalf of some random record company and some weird management company I don't think so!"

"That is him I know it is that's his voice right there!" She reasoned I just sighed and unmuted myself and said

"So then, ASHTON" I emphasised each part to get that I didn't Belive it was the real him "How can I help you?"

"Well" he begun "We at Hi Or Hey Records have decided to sign and got you a manager from modest!" He continued sounding rather proud of himself but I didn't Belive a word of it and held in my laughter as he finished "You're headmaster is discussing this now with your new manager and he requests you go to his office as there is someone there to pick you up and explain that's happening!" But that was it I couldn't hold it in anymore and tears of laughter rolled down my face then Erica one of my good friends outside of the band, who was also sat on the table in front of me and smirking shouted

"RAPE!" And with that the room erupted in laughter I high fived her across the table and then I heard the voice on the phone say

"What's so funny?" He mustn't of heard which made me laugh even harder after about a minuet I regained composure and glanced at Mr. Robinson stood there dumbfounded.

"We'll be there in 10 I have to say bye to Dylan and grab my instruments," I stated I was just about to say bye before I remembered "oh and I don't need no stupid lift I have my bike!"

"Where you're going I don't quite think you could cycle!" I heard him chuckle, this once again set me off laughing an she asked "what's so funny now?"

"I- have- a- motorbike- you- idiot-" I yelled between giggles

"oh er I right" he laughed awkwardly

"Yeah- Byeeee!" I over exaggerated before jumping out of my seat grabbing my stuff and waving to my class mates. I looked at Mr. Robinson who was red with anger on the phone probably to the Behavior support department. So without wanting to stay for that shit to unfold I said " Later sir have a good un!" I then turned to the girls and said " I'll be at 603 u guys grab my stuff for me please!" I pouted as they groaned and nodded.

It took me all of 2 minuets to get to 603 where class 14L was I knocked on the door and said to Mr. Tate "Hi could I please have Mr. Stonebridge, Mr. Robinson would like a word with him please?" Mr Tate just nodded. Dylan's class was relatively small with only around 20 students. I then heard a few wolf whistles and both Mr. Tate and Dylan scolding them. He jumped up and walked out of the door immediately pushing me against the wall and putting his hands either Side of my head as he rested his weight on those two arms before kissing me roughly. I kissed back it was full of passion and lust before he moved down and whispered into my ear

"What're you doing here baby? Are you skipping again?" He giggled making me shiver his breath was hot against my sensitive skin. I blushed and replied

"No I er well me and the girls have been pulled out of lesson to talk with some management woman or something but the head teacher authorised it so it must be important!" I assured but it was a half lie I didn't know if it was a woman or a man, for all I knew it could be a toddler playing a joke. Then again I wouldn't be suprised.

"Okay I'll miss you baby!" He said before once more kissing me roughly but just a little longer this time untill we both pulled away panting for breath. "I love you so much baby!" He said in between breaths resting his forehead against my own

"I love you too Dylan!" I said before pecking him once more on the lips before walking away and turning a corner, I came to face my bandmates smirking and immitating me

"Oh Dylan I love you sooooooo much!" Kitty exclaimed

"oh you too Rylie" Lauren continued before Emma butted in

"Mwa Mwa Mwa" they all made kissy faces and made kissing sounds I just pushed past them and started to walk to the headmasters office. The girls all giggling behind me the whole way there.

we finally arrived and straight away started arguing about who should go in first. I eventually gave in and agreed to enter first. I knocked 3 times and waited after hearing the stern voice of the head master I entered to face 5 familiar boys, my head teacher, a rather angry looking Mr. Robinson and4 boys I had never seen before. I stopped kitty who was right behind me from entering I would do anything I could to keep her away from that blonde, smug, Irish son of a bitch sat on his phone smiling to his phone.

"YOU!"I shouted pointing a finger at the Devil himself "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?" My voice kept raising I felt kitty move forward as she saw the monstrosity before her now looking rather guilty "I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO STAY THE FU-" I was interrupted by the headmaster

"Miss Jenkinson-"

"Rylie" I corrected him

"Rylie, I have heard from Mr. Robinson that you have been using bad language and you have had an awful attitude towards you work and himself today is this true? And on top of that you should treat our guests with respect especially considering they we the biggest band on the planet right now!"


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