The Dream That Came True

Niamh, who also goes by the name of Riley because A)it's easier to spell and pronounce B) When she was younger people took the piss out of her for her real name, a popularish, talented, intelligent and kind girl, is one day having the rare for her bad day she doesn't have them often.

This bad day does nothing but get her into deep trouble with her schools members of staff. When she answers her phone in science to an Aussie boy willing to sign her and the band she thinks it's a joke, but it's not and they soon discover that. Only to find one of the bands that would be touring with them is one of her best friends exes that broke her heart into a million pieces. Will they accept the record deal and tour offer?

In this story Riley realises how bad things can slowly fade down into nothing as the good builds up. A band fanfic.

From broken drumsticks, snapped bass strings and detentions to Broken hearts, Revenging exes and going on tour!









Ps I know there's a lot of ships but who doesn't love a great love story Niamh (Riley) is the main charcacter in this fanfic


1. Chapter 1

(Riley's POV(Niamh's) POV)

Today was awful was all I could think about was how awful my day had been the start had gone just as planned I woke up at 3:00AM with no alarm needed, Got a shower, dried my hair, got dressed into a vest and some shorts, went to the basement and started practicing on my bass one of my new songs. I was gonna show the girls the new song after school at band practice. I had just about perfected the cords but then on the last note strum I realised that my bass was out of tune again 'ugh' I thought to myself so I immediately started tuning it up. After 10 minuets tuning there was one more cord to sort out but when I prepared to my phone went of showing that the band had 59 new followers on twitter, making me jump I just caught my bass by the strings before it could've possibly ended up with a snapped neck. Just a I thought that was the end of my bad luck I swiftly moved to grab the bass' neck but before I could fully grip there was a loud pinging noise I saw the guitar start to fall but grabbed the neck before it could fall to its metephorical death. Luckily I had spare stings so I replace the cords and tuned it correctly before moving onto my 2nd biggest love, next to my wonderful boyfriend Dylan of course, Drumming it was my natural calling in life or so I felt it came easy to me when I was just 6 years old I got my very first drum kit. I was jamming out when all of a sudden I felt a snap and what sounded like a pencil drop to the hard concrete floor I stopped almost instantly when I looked up I saw half of one of my favorite drum sticks on the ground. I dropped to the floor and grabbed it inspecting the damage the was tomuch work to be done so I out them into their drawer before going to the box I had full of different colours, patterns, designs and brands. I immediately searched for my Australian purple and gray ones my mother had got me whilst on a business trip in Sydney. They were brilliant and they were so light yet so strong. I was a little more careful this time to make sure I didn't break another pair.

Then I went upstairs and changed into my Skinny black jeans with my favorite nirvana shirt it had long white sleeves on a maroonish red colour and the signature smiley face with crosses for eyes in yellow. I threw on my white with red detailing converse and a maroon beenie, before grabbing my black penny board, bass, drumsticks and my school bag a rucksack from the official Leeds United Store because I'm Leeds all the way! And as we do say 'Were marching on together and were gonna see you in nananananana' haha I was just about to leave before I thought hmm wait 'Oh SHIT' I mentally cursed for forgetting my phone, my iPod and my cajon drum box. my phone was a white Sony Experia z with a LEEDS UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB badge on the back and my iPod was a red iPod touch 5th gen with a All Time Low case and my cajon drum was basically a black wooden box with 'RyRy' in purple, white and pink tape. I threw my phone into my back pocket, then I plugged in my earbuds and turned on some 'The Vamps' and next I stretched across the table coz I'm just that lazy and got the keys before locking up and riding my Kawasaki to school my drum on the back of my tied down with bunjie cords my pennyboard on top.

When I got to school I found Kitty and Emma, 2 of my bandmates, waiting for me outside as I parked up my bike.

"Hey Guys!" I said trying to be cheerful even after my bad turn of events this morning but it was completely unconvincing I could tell.

"Hey Whats bugging you?" Kitty asked

"Nothing!" I snapped a tad too quickly

"Oh bad day?" Emma asked sounding sympathetic and sincere

"You guessed it" I sighed back my fave sticks broke and I spent my morning retuning my new bass strings coz my others snapped" I whined

"Oh poor Riley Wiley" Kitty cooed

"I know right and to make things worse I have to deal with Sam b now ugh!"

"Don't worry babez!" Emma said in an Essex accent i giggled a little because they knew how to cheer me up

"Anyways I better get going you know how miss Lee gets if I'm late" I was in set 1 for everything apart from form lessons which are mixed ability in this half of the school year.

"yeah meet us and Lozza in practice room 3 at free period yeah?" Emma added quickly

"Defo love you guys!" I said before hugging both of them and strolling into maths.


Great just great was all I could think I had a detention next week for punching Sam b because he was being immature and then another for not understanding a question but the teacher argued I just hadn't been paying attention all lesson. This was a worse day than I thought it would be at first. After getting into trouble for those two things I didn't really care in my free period I jogged to the dinner to say hi to my boyfriend Dylan. After 10 minuets of talking and making out I went to practice room 3 as instructed by Emma. When I walked in I found kitty gawking over one direction apart from one certain blonde haired Irish boy who she had been avoiding for a number of years due to a messy breakup, and some other boy band called 5 sausages and salt or something. I dunno I'm over bothering to keep up with these Fangirling phases she has over random people almost every day now. She noticed me and said

"OMD RyRy you would sooooo go with Ashton! I sooooo ship the two of you like seriously!" she giggled that's when Lauren looked up from her phone and said a small

"Hey Riles!" before returning to her phone

"Hey" I said uninthusiastically "And stop shipping me with everyone you do it every time you find a new boyband or cute celeb!"

"But Ashton's different he has hazel eyes and he is amazing and he's an Aussie he's got. a really sexy accent, he is your one and only OTP!" Kitty shouted pointing her finger at me before chanting "He is the one and only Oh Tee Pee for Rileyyyyyyyy!" she prolonged each word to go with the song 'I Am The One And Only' "Besides you'd be better with him than that idiot Dylan!" Lozza and Emma nodded at me and gave me apologetic looks as if approving of what kitty had said? I sighed I knew the girls didn't approve of my boyfriend Dylan but then again it wasn't like they were in a relationship with him were they?

"What's happened in maths?" Lozza must've noticed me looking a bit down. I slipped my backpack LUFC by to the floor before and started

"I punched Sam b in the face and gave him a black eye before the teacher told me I hadn't listened to anything she had said so she gave me two detentions!"

"This really is a bad day for you isn't it Niamhy?" Lozza only used my real name when i was down or upset "Come here" she said before hugging me

"Anyways c'mon guys we have to do our Wild heart cover like now" I said as my voice cracked a bit near the end. I quickly grabbed my Pink Lemonade Lucozade and took a big gulp before grabbing my bass.

I recorded my bass' section before moving onto the drums which I could do in sync with my friends. We decided that For this song we would be best off using the drum kit rather than my cajon drum. Don't get me wrong I love the drum kit but I just prefer the way it feels to tap on the box. After about 7 failed attempts we finally got down to buisness and got through the whole song, me finishing before singing the last line

'I got a wild heart' the girls said I could sing and should sing but to be honest just playing the bass made me self conscious but I knew I had to do at least a line.

"Thanks for watching guys don't forget to Subscribe..."kitty started

"follow on twitter, insta, keek and facebook" Lozza continued

"like our facebook page and add us on Snapchat" Emma giggled at my pulling a funny face at Lauren who was now nearly on the floor clenching her stomach with laughter

"We have been We Will Soon Be and don't forget we love you guys and we always will By-" I shouted jumping up to turn off the camera before turning to the door at the sound of chuckling I stopped mid sentence I said

"wait a minuet!" To the camera before jumping to the door oppening it to find the doors to the main corridor shutting but I shouted out anyways "FUCK OFF YOU PERVERTS!" I knew nobody would here but I thought it would be funny for the girls and I was right i turned back to see them all literally rolling on the floor having laughing fits. So I turned to the camera and stated

"I think they might've got the message if you guys heard what I shouted I'm sorry!" I pulled out my bottom lip into a pout before giggling at my bandmates appearances on the floor "See Ya Guys!" And with that I ended the video then my frown reappeared I remembered everything else come rushing back and how ashamed my parents would be when they found out about my detentions.

"We'll see you in science RyRy yeah you have 5 minuets if your late well cover for you don't worry yeah?!" Emma said sympathy evident in her voice

"Okay" they then left and I began strumming the tune to a-Team by ed Sheeran on Lauren's guitar. I sung along untill the song finished. Then as if on que the school lesson bell rung.

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