The Horan's

A Niall Horan fanfiction.

Averie Horan is sent away as punishment to join her brother and his band on tour for a whole year! Averie is extatic about being able to go, though she's never wen met the other members of the band.

Averie is 17, while in this fanfiction the boys are 18-19. After being on the your bus with the boys for some time, Averie begins to develop some feelings for the boys...

{A/N: Hai! My name is Katie, and this is my first fanfiction, so no hate please! If you have any requests for a new story or for something to happen in this story, just comment! Again, no hate please! Thanks!}


1. Arguments

{Averie's POV}

"Averie Marie Horan! Don't you dare sass me like that!" My mum says as I half Jog/ half walk up the stairs and into my room. We had just gotten into an argument about whether or not I was giving her and my father attitude. Of course, I said I wasn't, though she disagreed.

It seems like we've been getting into more and more fights like this lately. I wish Niall would come home. Mum was always more happy with him around. Actually, all of us were.

I decide to write in my journal. No one else knows about it, just me. Not even Niall knows, and we were inseparable; that is, until he left, of course. That's actually when I started this journal; when he left.

Dear Niall,

Hai. Things are still getting worse. Mum and I keep fighting, and Dad's been drinking more and more. I'm worried, Ni. I miss you.

Suddenly I heard my parents start arguing in disagreement.

"Get out of my house, Arnold!" My mum shouted. Then i heard something smash, and ran down the stairs into the kitchen. My mum was sitting on the floor, quietly sobbing, with shards of broken glass in front of her. I rushed to her side, wrapped my arms around her, and rocked back and forth, trying to comfort her.

My dad slowly walked towards us and picked up the broken pieces of what was once a plate. He then sat the shards on the counter, and walked upstairs. Moments later, I heard my parents' bedroom door slam shut.

{A/N Hai! I'm Katie! Sorry for the short chapter, I just wanted to get something posted! This is my first fan-fiction, so please no hate!}

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