Everything I Didn't Say

This story is mostly about Ashton and Luke (not Lashton) how they struggle with dating two girls from UCLA.


7. Chapter 7

Liz walked through the door, “Luke Robert Hemmings, what do you think you are doing?”

“Mum, I’m not doing anything, I WAS kissing Kelly, but then you came in and ruined it!” Luke was furious, this was the first time he actually kissed a girl that he liked since he joined the band and now his mum was mad at him.

“Luke, it’s fine...” Kelly said, she was really embarrassed by someone walking in on them while they kissing, especially since it was Luke’s mom.

“Kelly, Why don’t you go find your seat, I need to talk to Luke.” Liz said, If Kelly hadn’t just seen her yell at Luke, she would have thought there wasn’t a mean bone in her body.

“It was nice too meet you Mrs. Hemmings” She said as she turned around.


Kelly walked out the door, she didn’t have any of her stuff, it was all in the dressing room, on the floor, by Luke’s jeans and shirts collection, but she couldn’t go back, not with Liz in there. She got to the end of the hall and started sprinting towards the back door she remembered passing, while her and Luke were playing spies


“C’mon, Mum, five minutes, please?” Luke begged, he was blushing and he had tears in his eyes.

“Go ahead, but you better come back here, or else we will have this discussion on stage tonight, in front of everyone, and not only will it embarrass you, but it will also embarrass Kelly who seemed like a really sweet girl.”

“Thanks Mum,” Luke said running towards the door, he had no idea where to look for Kelly. He ran towards the stage hoping she had gone to sit down, but the arena was already full, and he still had no idea where anyone else was, but right now, he didn’t even care about his own concert, he just wanted to hold Kelly and tell her that his mom wasn’t even supposed to be here. But he really didn’t care that his mom was here, he just cared how his mom showed up without telling anyone she was coming, then yelled at Luke, because he was kissing a girl. It just wasn’t fair.


As Kelly ran towards the door, she wasn’t looking up, she was looking at her feet and she hit something hard. Both Kelly and whatever she hit fell to the ground. When Kelly looked up, she saw Tori, with tears rushing down her face, along with a little bit of blood, she must have hit her head when she had fallen.

    “Oh my god! Tori are you Okay?” Kelly asked.

“No.” Tori sobbed.

“Tori, where’s Ashton?”

“No. I can’t talk to him right now.” Tori was still sobbing, the floor was cold and hard, Kelly sat Tori up against the wall and ran to find Luke.


“Luke! Luke, Where are you?” He could hear someone calling his name, “Luke, Please.” He suddenly knew it was Kelly, she was running, and crying, did his mum make her cry, no. She wasn’t crying when she left the dressing room.

“Kelly, stop running. Okay? just keep talking to me and I will find you.” Luke screamed. Calum came running towards Luke from the opposite direction.

“Dude, Luke! Where’s your girl, her friend Tori is over by the back door and her head is bleeding, and we can’t find Ashton.” Calum was yelling, “Mikey is over there with her making sure she doesn’t pass out, but I don’t thinks she will, she doesn’t seem to be bleeding that much, but we should probably get a doctor over here.”

“Calum you idiot, call 911! Tell them exactly what’s happened, and they will send doctors” Kelly screamed, she wasn’t too far away, but she was staying put, like Luke asked.

“Calum, call 911, and stay with her, Kelly and I will go find Ash.” Luke was calmer now that he knew that Kelly wasn’t the one hurt, but he didn’t want the band to get sued if she died.

“Kelly, you’ve got to tell me where you’re at what does it look like?”

“Luke, I’m about 5 feet from the dressing room door.”

“Okay, I’m coming, tell my mum what’s happening so she doesn’t freak out when she hears sirens.” Luke yelled at Kelly, he still couldn’t see her, but at least now he knew where she’s at.

As Luke got to the door, Kelly and Liz were coming out. “Mum, please go and check on her, she’s alone with Mikey and Calum by the back entrance. It’s not that I don’t trust them, it’s just that it would be good to have you there, with her.” Luke was practically begging. “Mum...” He begins to say something else, but she has already started running.

“Luke, can you call Ash or something? And what are the chances he has his phone on him? And what are the actual chances of him hearing his phone ring?”

“In total maybe a 10% percent chance. But it’s worth a shot

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