Everything I Didn't Say

This story is mostly about Ashton and Luke (not Lashton) how they struggle with dating two girls from UCLA.


4. Chapter 4

When Tori finally pulled away from Ashton's embrace, she had stopped crying so long ago, that her tear stains on his gray shirt were almost completely dry. He looked at her and she stared back into his deep brown eyes.

"I didn't mean to start crying, it's just... " she didn't know how to continue.

"It doesn't matter.  Come here. I want to take you somewhere. Do you like tacos? You look like you like tacos. I know the best taco place. And I think you could really use a taco right now. I mean you can always eat a taco. Sometimes you just need a taco more than other times. And sometimes it's just completely inappropriate to be eating a taco, like in church, or at a funeral. That is totally an inappropriate thing to do." Tori kept looking at him with deep interest in everything he was saying, she absolutely loved the way he talked, his accent, and how he keeps talking about the randomest things. "I'm doing it again, I'm sorry. I really need to stop talking."

"No. Don't stop. Just keep talking, I like to hear you talk. And anyways, I love tacos." He took her to a black car that was tucked back behind the arena, and opened the door to the drivers seat for her.

"I hope you don't mind driving. I can't get used to driving on the right side of the road, because in Australia..."

"You drive on the left, I know. I lived abroad when I was in middle and high school. Kelly and I met when we lived in the Philippines. So I know that in most countries they drive on the left. And that in the Philippines they drive wherever they want, and they stop whenever they want. And all the laws are merely a suggestion. Another thing, I hope you give me directions to this place. Because I don't even know what it's called." Turns out Ash wanted to take her to this taco truck he had for dinner a couple of nights ago with the rest of the band but he couldn't find it. In the meantime Tori was surrounded by girls and guys alike screaming at her telling her to "Stay away from Ash" and "I bet you only want sex" and "you are so ugly, Ash can do so much better than you". One of the latter two statements were true. She knew Ash could find someone so much more beautiful than her, she wasn't sure why he chose her. Looking in the crowd of girls, there were at least 30 that were absolutely stunning. And she continued to wonder why she was the one in search of a long gone taco truck with Ashton.

"Leave her alone!" Ashton screamed. "She hasn't done anything to hurt you. You don't even know her name. And yet here you are harassing her. And you wonder why famous people don't like to date other people because all you do is put them down. All of you need to stay away from her, unless you are telling her how beautiful she is, when the sun is starting to set. " Ashton had wrapped his arm around her waist at some point in time.

Everyone, but this one little girl stepped away and went back to minding their own business. The little girl had very thin very blonde hair, that was held back out of her face in a series of clips. Tori knelt down in front of the little girl and smiled.

"Hi, I'm Tori, what's your name?" Tori asked.

"I'm Sarah," the girl said "and I'm 6 years and 1 day old" Sarah said. This made Tori smile. She remembered doing that when she was a kid for about 3 months after each birthday and 3 months before. She would be 6 and 33 days old or 7 and minus 6 days old. She never used halves she just used days.

Ashton knelt down next to Tori and in front of Sarah, he looked over at Tori who had a huge smile on her face. And said "Sarah, I'm Ashton."

"I know. And your girlfriend is very pretty, and very nice."

Tori looked over at him. He was smiling too. Then he leaned over to Sarah and whispered "I'm going to tell you a little secret, Tori is the most beautiful and nicest girl I've ever met, right behind you." He winked and kissed Sarah her left temple. He knew exactly what to do. Sarah wave bye and ran over to her mom. And pointed at Tori and Ash, who smiled and waved at the mom and headed back the the car.

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