Everything I Didn't Say

This story is mostly about Ashton and Luke (not Lashton) how they struggle with dating two girls from UCLA.


2. Chapter 2

“Ashton, Tori knows your drum movements before you even do them, she mentally drums from 37 rows of seats and majority of the stage away from a drumset!” Kelly couldn’t shutup, she just kept rambling on and on but Ashton only heard Tori and Drums.

    “So, umm Tori, do you drum?” Ashton asked entranced.

    “No, when I hit the drums, it never sounds or feels right.” Tori laughed “I learned that my sophomore year of high school, when Kelly, over there and I thought we would start a band. Except nobody wanted to be in it, we had a couple of people say they would and then drop out before the even come to a rehearsal. So I never really got the chance to practice.” She stopped for a second, “Neither of us knew how to play an instrument, much less own one. And to top it off, we didn’t have a singer. In the end, we were just a very sad two person band who didn’t even own instruments, and nobody wanted to sing for us.” Tori said this just like she had the thousands of times she had imagined herself saying it, to someone who actually might have cared. But in reality Ashton was the only person who ever heard it before, not even Kelly, who only half heard it now, and that was only because Tori said her name.

    “You know I play drums?!” Ashton said excitedly.

    “Really, I had no idea.” Tori responded sarcastically.

    “I meant that um, i could help you. you know. play drums. because i play drums for a band, called 5 seconds of summer, they kinda suck though. I really need to stop talking. Tori, Don’t you think I need to stop talking?” he asked, rhetorically. “nevermind.” he quickly followed up to his question. “Follow me.” Ashton grabbed Tori’s hand, and pulled her down to the stage.

    Luke looked down at the stage and yelled, “Ash, Where’s Cal and Mikey?”

    “I don’t know!” Ash’s Australian accent really came out when he yelled. Tori liked it, but she wouldn’t tell anyone that. She liked to play things cool on the outside, and let others do the work.

    Ash sat Tori down on the drum stool, “Go ahead and pick up the drumsticks, they aren’t going to eat you, I promise.” Tori, picked up the drumsticks, and suddenly realises how tense she was. He took her hands in his, he had no problem wrapping them completely around hers. He had beautiful hands, and gorgeously long fingers. He led her in a simple but beautiful beat, and broke into “Try Hard” which was Tori’s favorite. he guided her through the motions of the intro, and not missing a beat, they both started singing. “She’s dropping out of school,” his voice made Tori feel uneasy. She suddenly stopped singing. The lack of his new singing partners voice caused Ash to stop as well.

    “What’s the matter?” he asked.

    “Nothing,” Tori responded not looking back at him “I just wanted to listen to you sing, and I was ruining it with my singing.” She shot him a look, telling him not to go any further with this.

    “Whatever, YOU are an excellent singer” He shot a look back at her, saying try me. Ash hated it when others put themselves down “don’t be so hard on yourself.” he said softly, almost a whisper. She looked back at him. It’s the first time that she actually looked at him. she noticed how the outside of his iris was a darker brown than the inside.

    “Don’t say that to me. You probably say that to everyone. as a matter of fact you’ve probably said that to at least 10 people today.” She held the drumsticks over her head and dropped them onto the snare drum so that they would get everyones attention. “Don’t compliment me unless you are going to make it personal and there was nothing personal about what you just said to me!”

She had tears in her eyes. Ash meant for it to be personal, he felt something, something he had never felt before. He pulled her into a hug. He smelled like sweat but not the gross, smelly, gym locker room smell, but the nice sweat that makes you wonder if flowers sweat would it smell like this. Tori knew she couldn’t hold the tears in any longer, she could never stay mad at someone, and if she yelled at them, she almost always immediately regretted it. She let the tear roll off her cheek and onto Ash’s gray Eagle’s shirt. After that first tear many more followed.

    “I’m sorry” she whispered into his shirt.

    “It’s okay” He whispered in her hair, and he didn’t let her go.

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