Everything I Didn't Say

This story is mostly about Ashton and Luke (not Lashton) how they struggle with dating two girls from UCLA.


16. Chapter 16

The dressing room door slammed open and Tori was standing there in the doorway wearing Ash’s blue ‘Pugs Not Drugs’ shirt, she was out of breath. She was holding the bag that Ash had gotten ten minutes before flung over her left shoulder. She stood there for a moment then asked the boys if they had seen Kelly. Everyone in the room shook their head then finally Calum spoke up, “She left like twenty minutes ago, dressed like she worked at starbucks.”

    “Did she say where she was going?” Tori asked “Did she say when she was going to be back?”

    This time it was Luke who spoke “No, But she left her wallet,” She kept looking at Luke, hoping he would continue, and he finally did. “Come in, shut the door, and do you need some pants? Because I’m not so sure that shirt is quite long enough to be wearing around like that.”

“That’s okay... because I seem to have my ‘starbucks uniform’”.

“Why don’t you go get dressed and I’ll take you to look for Kelly.”

Tori didn’t reply but walked over to the corner where it had Ashton’s name written on a huge white sheet. She quickly pulled on her black skinny jeans, hers were not as nice as Kelly’s and had a rip on the left knee. She threw Ash’s blue shirt onto the chair in the corner and began pulling on her black one, as she picked her bag off the floor. She’s was rushing out.

Calum looked at Luke then Michael, and as he started to walk out the door Mikey said, “don’t let her down...”

Luke followed up with, “be prepared to take the subway.”




Tori kept running, but not sprinting, just a slight jog. “Calum hurry the subway leaves in five minutes”

“Wait Tori, stop for just a second and let me catch up. Why are we taking the subway?”

“We have to get back to UC and then we’ll take my car. And anyways, wheres a better place to start than our room.”

“Oh yeah. Good point.”




Tori and Calum tried to stay hidden on the subway. At one point Tori lied about who she was. Calum signed a few autographs. After the 20 minute subway ride Calum and Tori, rushed to get off the subway and back into the open, where a few more people recognised Tori and about a hundred more recognised Calum.



When they finally got to UCLA, they had some difficulty getting on campus because Calum wasn’t a student.
    “Sorry Miss Webster only Students are allowed on campus on Sundays.” The security guard said. Tori walked off producing fake tears. But they had already created a plan to get inside.


“Okay Calum, they are not going to let you onto campus because it’s a sunday.” Tori told him as they were walking the four blocks from the subway to the school. “but we have to get in so that we can check the room and get the car.”

“Okay, so what’s the plan. I feel like a secret agent trying to break in so that I can rescue a pretty girl.” Calum said almost as if he were day dreaming.
    “Um Calum, you know the pretty girl you are rescuing has a boyfriend; and she may not even be missing.” Tori laughed. “Here’s the plan, okay I’m going to ask the security guard to let us in, blah blah blah, then after he says no a few times I’m just going to walk away and you are going to say...”


“Sir, we are sorry to keep bothering you, but we really need to find her roommate, and we are hoping she came back to campus last night or this morning. You see. Tori and Kelly came to my concert downtown last night. Tori and Kelly were supposed to stay at the hotel last night. Kelly was there when Tori went to sleep but was gone when she woke up. All of Kelly’s stuff was gone, and we were just hoping that she came back to campus.” Calum’s story was believable. Tori would have fell for it. But whether or not she would have is not the question. But did the security fall for it.

“Okay, Mr...”

“Hood, Calum Hood.”
    “Okay, Mr. Hood, I see how it is you want to help your girlfriend find her “roommate” or are you just hoping that her roommate isn’t here? So that you two can have some alone time. whichever it is that is a heartfelt story you made up, you have a 3-hour pass, just don’t forget to sign back out with me when you leave.”

“Come on Tori, let’s go find Kelly.” Calum slipped his arm around Tori’s waist to make his story still more believable. As soon as they got out of sight from the security desk Calum and Tori both pulled away. “You said whatever it takes.”

Tori, didn’t care, she just started sprinting to her dorm building. By the time she reached the fourth floor she was out of breath. She felt her pockets, “crap” she whispered.
    “What’s up?” Calum asked.

“I don’t have my key. And I hate using the spare. but desperate times calls for desperate measures. Calum, make sure no one is in the hall.”

Calum looked both ways down the hall. “Coast is clear.”

Tori starts to rub her finger on the underside of the door until she felt the key. She pulled it out from under the door.

“How did you do that. Tori if you are a wizard and you didn’t tell Ash he’ll be pretty pissed.” Calum said dead serious.

“Calum, if velcro makes me a witch then yeah, but nothing Magical happened here.” she said as she shoved the key into the lock and jiggled it a few times. then turned the key to the left.

The door open and revealed that Kelly was not there and hadn’t been there since they left the day before. Her Ohio State shirt and penguin pants were still in a pile on the floor next to her unmade bed. Her black and green bedspread and sheets were hanging off her bed, while Tori’s bed was made and her pyjamas we’re nicely folded on her bed. Tori set down her backpack and began to make Kelly’s bed.
    “Tori,” Calum said as he sat down in Tori’s desk chair and turned it so that he could look at her as she made the bed. “Did you and Ash... Um you know... Last night?” he asked as he rubbed the back of his neck. He really wanted to know, but he was afraid that it was going to make things awkward between the two of them. And he couldn’t have Ash’s girlfriend not like him. “You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to. I was just wondering. I didn’t mean to make it awkward or anything.” Calum was really starting to feel bad. ‘Great I haven’t even known her for 2 days and she already hates me.’

Tori finished smoothing out the sheets and placed Kelly’s newly folded pyjamas on the foot of the bed. She sat in the floor and looked at Calum. “No. We didn’t”
    “Really?!” Calum said slightly surprised.

“No, I would lie about not having sex to my boyfriends bestfriend.”
    “So you did! Crap! I owe Michael 20 bucks.”
    “No, Michael owes you 20 bucks. Ashton and I didn’t sleep together. Okay, technically we did. but we didn’t have sex.”

“Okay, I believe you.”

“Okay,” Tori said as she stood up from the floor. “I’m going to change my clothes and then we can head out.”
    Tori grabbed clothes out of a couple of drawers, and disappeared into a room Calum assumed was the bathroom. When she came out, she was wearing a purple shirt that looked way too much like Ashton’s that Calum couldn’t stand it.

“Are you seriously going to wear that?” Calum asked motioning towards Tori’s shirt.
    “Well, yeah. Why else would I have put it on?”
    “Will you please change it?”

“Why? Because it looks like Ash’s?”
    “Yes! and We all hated that shirt so much!”

“Okay fine! I’ll change. But only because if I don’t, I’ll have to listen to you complain about it all day.” Tori disappeared into back into the bathroom. When she came back out she was wearing a solid black tee shirt that looked really nice with her white ripped skinny jeans, and converse. Calum preferred all black but he liked the bit of white on Tori.

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