Everything I Didn't Say

This story is mostly about Ashton and Luke (not Lashton) how they struggle with dating two girls from UCLA.


15. Chapter 15

Tori knew ash wouldn’t have any trouble identifying which bag was hers, it was red and had a black felt T that she sewed on herself. She decided to check her twitter, she had tons of new followers and she noticed #tashton was trending. “what the ....” Tori whispered. Then she clicked the hashtag, there were several photos of her from last night, photos of her at the concert, photos from the park, old photos of her back when she was little, photos of her and her best friend from elementary school. There were even pictures of her and ash going into the trailer last night. where do people get these pictures? She stopped looking through the pictures and started looking through her mentions. @torilikesdrummers is so pretty i’m glad Ash has found someone @torilikesdrummers and @Ashton5sos at the park earlier today who does @torilikesdrummers think she is? I bet she’s a slut. That one hurt just a little, but she brushed it off @Ashton5sos if i was seen with a girl as ugly as @torilikesdrummers i would cut 2 @torilikesdrummers why don’t you be like your bf and go cut yourself “I should have known that this kind of stuff would happen.” she whispered. She kept reading. @Ashton5sos you need a girl so much prettier than @torilikesdrummers, you need someone like ME Ash opened the door and dropped her bag on the floor. “Careful Ash, I have multiple cameras in there, and I don’t think you will want to buy me new ones...” Tori said with an edge to her voice. “what’s got your derps in a twist?” He asked. “I think you mean ‘What’s got my panties in a wad?’ or ‘What’s got my knickers in a twist?” She said sarcastically to him. “Tori, It doesn’t matter. What’s up?” She tossed her phone to him, “that’s what’s up.” Ashton started reading, and the tweets just kept going and going. There was not only things about him in this but they were mostly directed at Tori. Ash put her phone in his pocket. “You won’t be needing this...” he said. “and you don’t need to be looking at twitter if that stuff is going to get to you.” Ashton reached into his other pocket and pulled out his phone, typed something and Tori’s phone dinged to tell her someone tweeted about her. She looked at Ashton with pleading eyes; but instead of giving Tori her phone back, he gave his phone to her. She silently read what he had typed @torilikesdrummers is the most amazing person ever and it’s an honour to call her my GF if you have an issue with that you don’t need to be in the fam After Tori finished reading, she registered with Ash, then looked back at his phone sat it down on the couch beside her. “Thanks Ash. That really means a lot, but I need Kelly so I’ll see you later” She said as she stood up, picked up her bag, and without another word went to out the door to go find Kelly.
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