Everything I Didn't Say

This story is mostly about Ashton and Luke (not Lashton) how they struggle with dating two girls from UCLA.


14. Chapter 14

When Mikey and Calum opened the door to their dressing room, they were not expecting to see Luke on the couch, and Kelly on the floor. Calum motioned to Michael to make as much noise as he could. Mikey ran over to Ash's drums and started banging on them and Calum plugged his bass into an old amp. And Michael screamed 1,2,3,4 and they were both making as much noise as they could they were screaming. Calum stopped playing to throw some pillows at Luke. He took them and threw them back in the general direction they were coming from. Kelly was unresponsive to all of this. "Luke, I think you killed your girlfriend. Did you turn her into a vampire Luke? Huh huh?" Calum just wanted to get Luke up. "I didn’t turn her into a vampire, Calum, why can’t you just let me sleep.” Luke groaned, as he buried his head in the pillow. “Because, it’s 2:37 and we are hungry, and you need to go to the hotel and get all of your laundry washed, and folded.” Michael responded, even though he wasn’t the one being asked. Luke groaned and rolled off the couch and continued to roll over to Kelly. He cuddled up with her and kissed her neck and she smiled. “Keeeeellllllllyyyyyyy” he whispered in her ear, “Keeeeelllllllllyyyyyy, it’s time to wake up.” She cuddled up with him. “I’m awake” she told him. *** Ashton, was walking towards the dressing room to get Tori’s bag, when he heard someone playing drums and a slight sound of Calum’s Bass. He started to think they were having band practice without him, until he heard screaming. when the screaming stopped it was quiet for a few minutes then there was a thump then silence again. When Ash opened the door and walked in, Luke and Kelly were cuddled up on the floor smiling, Michael was standing behind the drumset and Calum was standing not far from the door with his bass plugged into their crap amp that almost never worked. He was slightly confused by the amount of strange things happening in their cramped dressing room. “Which one is Tori’s bag?” Ash asked Kelly. “The red one on the floor by the door.” She mumbled. As Ashton left the room, Luke teased Kelly about how she would say a complete sentence to Ash but not to him. *** When Kelly finally decided to get up, she grabbed her phone from her bag and turned it on. She had six text messages from Tori. The first one was sent at 11:36 PM Ash is going to let me sleep in one of his shirts ;D 11:41 PM It’s the pugs not drugs shirt 1:58 PM We slept in his bunk together 2:03 PM He likes to cuddle when he sleeps 2:10 PM And I might have told him I love him when he was sleeping 2:26 PM What about you and Luke? ;) Kelly responded with We had sex Tori: No you didn’t Kelly: yeah we did, promise Tori: Kelly, stop lying Kelly: Yeah you are right, we didn’t Tori: Haha I knew you wouldn’t Kelly: Yeah haha I actually spent most of the night on the floor Tori: Talk to you more tonight? Kelly: for sure.
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