Everything I Didn't Say

This story is mostly about Ashton and Luke (not Lashton) how they struggle with dating two girls from UCLA.


11. Chapter 11

Tori thought the set list was amazing. They opened up the night with “18”. Tori thought this was funny. She kept trying to get Kelly’s attention, but the music was too loud.

“Why do they still sing this, they are all at least 18.” Tori screamed. Kelly just laughed.

After “18” the set list looked like this:

Out Of My Limit

Heartbreak Girl (Kelly kept getting Lukes from Luke)

Voodoo Doll

Don't Stop

Teenage Dream  (Katy Perry cover)


Lost Boy


Beside You

Everything I Didn't Say

Long Way Home

Heartache On The Big Screen


American Idiot (Green Day cover)

Kiss Me Kiss Me

Good Girls

What I Like About You (The Romantics cover)

End Up Here

She Looks So Perfect


As the band exited the stage, Tori and Kelly ran over Timm.

“Sorry girls, where do you think you’re going?”

“Timm, it’s me Tori, and this is Kelly. Luke told you about us, before the show remember?”

“Oh yeah, Just don’t let anyone see you. If you do, I’m gonna be in some trouble. Comprende amigo?”

“Yeah, we’ll try our best...” Kelly told him. “See you around Timm.”




Tori snuck up behind Ash, “Guess who,” She said in her best Northern British accent.

“Are you the Govena?”

“No silly,” She leaned over his shoulder so that he could see her face. He leaned over and kissed her.

“Get a room!” Calum said in a joking manner...

“Gladly,” Ashton stood up and started walking, pulling Tori in tow, over to an area with a sheet hanging up with different peoples names, but in the middle of the sheet, it said CALUM in all caps. This made it obvious that this was Calum’s area. By now both of them were laughing. Tori trusted Ash to not make her do anything she didn’t want to, and like Tori, Ash wasn’t ready to do anything but kiss. But just to make Calum mad, Ash sat on the bed and pulled Tori onto his lap.

“Guys! Seriously, I didn’t mean my room, go find a different room, preferably away from me.”

Ash, pulled away long enough to whisper, “Cal’s just jealous you’re not kissing him on my bed.” They laughed and resumed kissing.

“Dude seriously, go to your own room, or go to the bus or something we don’t want to see your tongues.” at that moment Ash and Tori stuck out their tongues and waved them at him, “Not what i meant you losers. just go find a different room.”




Ash and Tori left and walked out to the bus, they were laughing all the way and making jokes about each other. They opened the door to the bus, and Luke was standing shirtless making out with Kelly.

Kelly pulled away, “Seriously, This is the second time today someone has walked in on us.”

“Okay, man, we’ll ignore you guy’s if you ignore us.” Luke nodded and went back to kissing Kelly.

    Ash showed Tori through the narrow hallway that led to his bunk. “I’m going to put on some Pyjamas, do you want something different to sleep in, that dress seems a bit uncomfortable.”

    “Yeah, I’ll take a T-Shirt, or anything.”

    “Here,” He threw his “Pugs not drugs” shirt at her, “See if it fit’s okay, the bathroom is just past the bed and to the right”

    “Okay, thanks,” Tori walked to the Bathroom, and pulled off her dress, and put on his shirt. It was soft, and smelled like him.

    “Hey,” there was a knock on the door, “I don’t mean to rush you or anything, but I really need to pee, so um, do you mind hurrying...” Before he could even finish Tori had unlocked the door and was on her way out, he kissed her on the top of the head.

    “Tori, you can sleep in my bed, I’ll sleep on the couch.”

    “No!” she rejected, “I will not let you, the drummer of 5 Hundred Years of Winter sleep on the couch, I will be the one to sleep on the couch.”

    “How about no one sleeps on the couch!” Luke yelled from the other side of the bus, just hurry up, Kelly and I are having a very important conversation with each others faces.”

    Tori climbed up into Ashton’s bunk. She was glad Luke suggested that idea, because she wouldn’t have, and Ashton was too much of a gentleman to suggest it. She let Ash lay down and get comfortable, he was laying on his back. Tori placed her head on his chest, his heart was racing. She was sure hers was too. She layed there for a minute and when Ash’s breathing became more regular and less frequent, she knew he was asleep, she tilted her head up to look at his chin, and she whispered “I love you.”

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