Everything I Didn't Say

This story is mostly about Ashton and Luke (not Lashton) how they struggle with dating two girls from UCLA.


10. Chapter 10

“Hey Luke what’s up?” Tori asked as she turned around.

“It’s just that I need to ask you something.” he paused “About Kelly."

“Umm, why don’t you ask her yourself?’

“I just want to make sure of a few things before I ask her something different.”

“Okay, What do you want to know?” Tori was ready to answer anything, but the question was if it would be answered honestly or not.

“Does Kelly have a boyfriend.”

“Yeah, she does… she has since 2011.” The look of shock on Luke’s face was priceless. “She’s been mentally dating you for the better part of three years...”


“Yes Seriously, so she has never had a boyfriend because she has loved you since we were fourteen!”

Luke laughed. “So she doesn’t have a boyfriend?”

“No.” Tori’s phone beeped. It was an Instagram notification. @KellyMccaig commented on your photo. Tori opened the picture, it was one that Tori had taken when they were sophomores, of Kelly, she uploaded it earlier that day, before her and Kelly got off the subway, it was from their last field day together before Tori moved. She showed Luke the picture.

“How did you even get her to make this face?” he said laughing

“She was probably laughing.”

“She’s even cuter when she laughs...” This caused Tori to gag.

“Luke, just because I’m not looking at you doesn’t mean I’m not listening.”

“No, go ahead read her comment out loud, I want to hear what you guys talk about.” hahahaha. Luke had no Idea what he just got himself into...

“OHMYGOD! @torilikesdrummers...” Luke was already cracking up...

“Your username is Tori Likes drummers, you’ve got to be kidding me right? You aren’t oh, at least it’s creative, in some ways...”

“Are you going to let me finish?”

“Go ahead...”

“How did you find this pic... I look so ugly, why on earth would you post this, a ugly pic of you is coming out, beware...” Tori finished reading, locked her phone, and put it back in her pocket. “There you go. do you have any questions remaining, I would like to be in my seat when the concert starts.”

“Yeah, are you and Ashton a thing?” Luke asked curiously.

“Did anyone ever tell you that curiosity killed the cat?” Tori replied, not wanting to answer the question, because even though, it felt like it, Ash hadn’t asked her yet.

“You didn’t answer my question. Are you two together?”

“Okay, I think so...” Tori said unsurely. “What about you and Kells?”

“I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I am very sure of where we stand at this point in time...” Luke said.

“Which is what?” Tori asked “Because I’m pretty sure she’s mad at you.”

“Well couples get in arguments” Luke said confidently. “I think I’m going to ask her to come to Australia with us on Friday. She will go, right, since Ash said you were.”

“Luke, we can’t go to Australia, we have less than a month left until the end of the school year.” Tori said, “I would love to go to Australia with you guys just not now.” Luke nodded, “Just tell Ash I will wait for him, after the show. We probably won’t be able to get backstage though.”

“C’mere,” he leads her to the security guard, standing in front of the stage, “Hey Timm! This is Tori. Let her and her friend Kelly backstage as soon as the show is over.”

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