Everything I Didn't Say

This story is mostly about Ashton and Luke (not Lashton) how they struggle with dating two girls from UCLA.


1. Chapter 1

Tori and Kelly walk into the concert hall, to find their seats, well aware that the concert didn’t start for another five hours. They wanted to be the first people there, and the bouncer Darren knew they didn’t mean any harm so he just let them on in.

Darren knew the two girls because they had been at the stadium everyday for two weeks, and nobody ever suspected anything. They would leave campus at precisely 6:04 every morning and would return home every night at 9:56. They studied the time which they were allowed to leave and return to campus without any special permission from their employers.(that is if they have a job, but these girls are far from employed.) That was during the week, during the weekends it was different, you were allowed to leave and return to campus whenever you like as long as you didn’t cause a disturbance.

Tori and Kelly slept in until 10 o’clock this morning then started getting ready. Tori made sure her hair was perfectly straight, before she even plugged in the curling iron, and then gave Kelly some awesome beach waves with her triple barrel curling iron that they have both learned to love deeply. Tori finished with Kelly’s hair, then began doing ringlets in her own. The girls left campus at fifteen after 3 and that gave them 20 minutes on the train, to change out of their all blacks that they leave and return to campus in and put on their cute outfits or concert attire. Tori was sporting a strapless black dress with a red sash around the waist, and the same color converse and to top it of the ribbon in her hair matched it all. Kelly was wearing a royal blue dress with a cute white belt and a headband with a small blue and white chevron bow on it was in her shoulder length brown hair. Her Keds were just the thing to bring her entire outfit together.

When they found their seats the band had already began practicing, just as they had expected. But unlike other days, there was no one else here to stop them from goofing off.

Tori stared past everything, and in her world it was only her and the drummer, no one else existed. She watched his large hands hold the sticks and she could anticipate his next move, she had seen the piece he was working on so many times. She just kept wishing that she could drum like him.

Unlike Tori, Kelly was still aware of the real world, but she was focused on the blonde who sing lead vocals. They sat there for 1,3,5 minutes before anyone noticed they were there, the blonde, caught them. and before Tori even noticed, he had ran off the stage and up to row 38 and tossed his leg over the back of the chair so he was sitting there and bare knees in his ripped black Skinny Jeans brushed against Kelly’s knees left bare, from her dress. Tori felt Kelly’s breath catch. Yet she was still unfazed, she was still watching the drummer, who was already dripping sweat, and his gray bandanna was now three shades, gray... Dry, slightly damp and soaked.

“Hi, or Hey... ummm, I’m Luke,” The boy said. Kelly blushed. He looked at Tori, “What are you looking at?” he follows her gaze to the drummer. “Ash! Ash! ASHTON” Luke screamed, “Come here!”

“No! No! No! No! No!” Tori screamed “It’s okay, don’t come up here, your drumset needs you!” Ashton, got up and started walking towards them, the other guys whisper something and they bother erupted into laughter.

“Too Late!” Ashton screamed halfway to Tori.

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