Little Angel

Not knowing about his past makes Sungjong go insane. Finding out his members know makes him mad that they had to lie to cover up everything....... But is the past really worth knowing? Well Sungjong change his view of himself once he knows?


5. Ch -5-

Sungjong finally finished the hell amount of homework he had and put his school stuff away. He cleaned a bit of the house sense it was very messy and not very clean at all.

Dongwoos clothes laid around, empty bubble tea cups, Hoys glasses, video game cases. Sungjong sighed his members where such pigs. 

As he finished off the cleaning he looked out at the living room nodding his head in approval, it looked great. He then went and got some thing to eat sense he hasn't eaten all day. 

The door opened and Sungjong turned his head to see Myungsoo walk in. Sungjong sighed and turned away from him as he thought it was going to be Sunggyu or Dongwoo. 

"Hey" Myungsoo said standing next to him giving him a warm smile.

"Hi" sungjong said in a low tone. He never thought he could sound so unenthusiastic  in his life.

"What's with the let down?" Myungsoo asked, it was obvious he was worried.

Sungjong shrugged his shoulders "you and the others have been ignoring me for the past days" 

"Well I think that stops today" Myungsoo said pushing himself up on the countertop.

Sungjong furrowed his eyebrows "What happened?" 

"I don't know, they seem over it" Myungsoo said.

Probably over it to him but not to me Sungjong thought to himself he knew what his hyungs where like and he knew they wouldn't just give something up all of a sudden. 

"And we are going to tell you" Myungsoo said with a confident tone.

Sungjong smiled "really?!" He was so excited at this moment but also very scared......what if this is the worse thing in the world. He did already hear Woohyun talk a bit about it and it sounded pretty brutal to him. 

"Sorry" Myungsoo said looking down at his feet.

"For what?" Sungjong asked popping his bagel out of the toaster. 

"For hiding all this from you" Myungsoo said quietly.

Sungjong turned to face him "it's fine..." He said almost a whisper but he made sure myungsoo didn't hear him.

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