Little Angel

Not knowing about his past makes Sungjong go insane. Finding out his members know makes him mad that they had to lie to cover up everything....... But is the past really worth knowing? Well Sungjong change his view of himself once he knows?


4. Ch -4-

It the last few days Sungjong spent most of his time in the dorm he shared with Sungyeol. Sungyeol was always going back and forth filming and promoting the drama he was in with woohyun and Kim sae Ron, he talked to sungjong in the mornings but only enough to ask him how he was and to wish him a good day. 

Things became difficult and wanting to know his past was just eating away at his brain. He spent many days alone and he hates to be alone, he kept looking out the window most days waiting for his members to come back, waiting for his friends to talk to him and treat him the way he use to. 

He also spent most of his time on twitter having conversations with his fans sense they where the only people who he knew would love him endlessly no matter what. 

At the moment sungjong was busy doing a bunch of homework he missed from school. He didn't even know why he went sense the other kids always had there things to say to him. But he shook off there comments he knew he didn't have to impress them.....but he knew he had to impress his hyungs and lately he hasn't been. 

He spent and hour thinking about something he could do for them to make them happy but everything he thought of was stupid. He started looking down at himself, was he really that stupid he couldn't even think of something to do. He lived with them for so long he knew them inside out and he couldn't think of one good thing, some friend he was. 

He wished Dongwoo was here to help him with his homework sense Dongwoo always made jokes about the pictures in his text book and always failed horribly at math equations. He missed his laugh and his smile....he especially missed his voice.

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