Little Angel

Not knowing about his past makes Sungjong go insane. Finding out his members know makes him mad that they had to lie to cover up everything....... But is the past really worth knowing? Well Sungjong change his view of himself once he knows?


3. Ch -3-


The older boys left Sungjong alone to think about his actions even though Sungjong didn't technically do anything wrong. He just couldn't help himself, the feeling of finally getting to know just welled up inside and he just couldn't help but let those feeling go and embrace them. 

The doctors did nothing but give him medication to take at least three times a day when absolutely needed. 

Sungjong took in a long breathe as he slipped his clothes on, he was still wearing his stage cloths from a day ago. He sighed then realizing he was the cause for them missing the show and they where going to have to find a way to make it up to the fans. They would also probably have to make up a reason why they didn't attend just so the Inspirits wouldn't get to worried. 

Sungjong closed his eyes for a small while before opening them again, he felt really relaxed and also sort of guilty after getting all that stuff off his chest by brutally yelling at his hyungs. He couldn't help but feel he was a terrible person for doing all that, why was he such a horrible person?  

Sungjongs stomach growled loudly as he made his way out to the van. It wasn't tell then he realized it was a while sense he last ate something. He slid the van doors open slowly getting in. He sat back looking at his other members who where painted grey and gloomy.  

"Hey..." He said in a soft calm tone. 

Sunggyu turned from the black tinted window to face him "Hi" was all he said.

Sungjong felt upset sense he knew his hyungs where mad at him for acting the way he did and he knew that this was his punishment and he would just have to suffer. He wished they weren't drowning him out with there music though, well at least sunggyu wasn't sense he was busy focusing on the buildings that they passed. Sungjong felt incredibly invisible and lonely even though he was surrounded by the people he loved and the people who cared for him. 

He to put in ear buds listening to a playlist of sad songs. Happy songs where two depressing, sad songs where just happy enough.  

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