Little Angel

Not knowing about his past makes Sungjong go insane. Finding out his members know makes him mad that they had to lie to cover up everything....... But is the past really worth knowing? Well Sungjong change his view of himself once he knows?


2. Ch -2-

"Are you okay?" Sunggyu asked putting his cold hands on Sungjongs cheeks.

Sungjong hit his hands away.

"Ow" Sunggyu said holding one hand in the other.

Then Sungjong remembered, he was furious but he was also highly depressed, he had no clue what to do. It was like a raging hell trying to burn it's way inside Sungjong 

"Sungjong....." Hoya asked.

Sungjong shook his head hot tears pouring from his eyes. He covered his face with his hands and let the tears drip from his eyes. 

He felt several pairs of warm arms hug him. It felt nice but he was fighting the urge to hit them on the heads for lying to him. 

"Why are you crying?" Myungsoo asked.

"Because of you!" Sungjong said pulling his hands from his face.

Myungsoo was startled and confused all at the same time. "What did I do?" Myungsoo asked his lips curving down into a frown.

"Not just you all of you! Why didn't you tell me you knew all that stuff. Where are my real parents, what happened to them!" Sungjong belted out.

"H-how...." Dongwoo said in a low tone.

"I can still hear you when I'm blacked out you idiot!" Sungjong said. The tears where coming out more rushed now, he was having a total break down.

"Hey! Dongwoo is not a idiot! Sungjong you need to calm down" Sunggyu said holding Sungjong's arms down to his sides.

"I can't! It's been so long you hid all that stuff from me fully well knowing that all this time I ached so desperately wanting to know!" Sungjong had enough. His temper was well raised to the roof.

"I told you!" Sungyeol said pointing his long slender index finger at Sunggyu. 

Sunggyu hit his hand down giving him a cross look "I didn't want you to worry Sungjong" Sunggyu said in a small voice. "I'm sorry..." 

"Now that I know you guys lied to me, I want to know what happened!" Sungjong said wrapping his small hands around Sunggyu's collar.

"Let go of Sunggyu," woohyun said prying the maknaes fingers from The leaders  sweater. 

Sungjong didn't know why he felt mad at them. He knew they only kept it in to keep him happy and he couldn't thank them enough for that, but in this situation he expected more from his grown up hyungs. 

"We will tell you when you're better, and when you get out of here" Woohyun said rubbing Sungjongs shoulder to ease the tension. 

Sungjong nodded "okay, you promise you will?" 

Woohyun nodded his head giving the maknae a warm, loving smile. "I promise." 

It felt great to Sungjong knowing that they where going to tell him....when he turned 13 and he was probably then officially old enough to understand the full story like his hyungs who where much older and more mature.....will at least two or three of them where. 

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