Little Angel

Not knowing about his past makes Sungjong go insane. Finding out his members know makes him mad that they had to lie to cover up everything....... But is the past really worth knowing? Well Sungjong change his view of himself once he knows?


1. Ch -1-

Infinite where waiting for there manager to call them out for a practice of there show case for there come back "Last Romeo." 

The others were excited to preform but as for Sungjong he felt sick. He mentioned it to Sunggyu but added "I can still preform" after words. Sungjong had the tendency to black out ever so often his other members told him it was cause he hit his head real bad once......but Sungjong was starting to think that wasn't the case. What if that wasn't true, what if they where not telling him something. 

They where called to practice so the stood on that big black stage looking out at millions of empty red seats hot lights switching on shinning on there backs. As the music begun Sungjong couldn't help but feel some what dizzy, looking out at the empty crowd all he seen was one big blur......but that's all he could remember, then everything was pure blackness. 

He could hear his members talking. 

"This has been going on for to long" Sunggyu said 

"We can't tell him!" Sungyeol said almost raged 

"Why can't we?!" Sunggyu snapped at him 

They were fighting.......again.

"He needs to know" Dongwoo said joining in.

"GUYS!" Woohyun said 

"What do you want Woohyun" Sungyeol said highly frustrated 

"He's going to want to know other things. Do you really want him to know he's from a broken home. We'd have to tell him about his twin his fathers death his mothers depression. He's not ready" Woohyun said.

Sungjong wanted to wake up right this moment badly, he wanted to cry and scream. He wanted to cry in his members arms trying to forget all what he just heard.....but he needed to know just like a smoker needed a cigarette.

"I guess you're right" Sungyeol said with a long drawn out sigh

"At least wait until he's thirteen" Myungsoo said 

"That's only in ten days" Hoya said

"So it comes faster then we would like, but his does have a right to know. Even if it will be hard on him, he needs to know" Dongwoo said 

"We just need him to wake up" Sunggyu said 

Sungjong was trying to, he felt like he was a apart of a terrible dream with no end, like he was hanging on a cliff trying not to fall. 

Unsettling beeping sounds clouded Sungjongs head as he opened his eyes a hour later. The air was hot and think from the other 6 guys sitting around the small room. Sungjong rubbed his eyes as the blurry blobs be came his best friends. 

Myungsoo smiled "Jongie!" He said 

The others crowded around and Sungjong stared at them with a blank expression, he was mad at them but he wasn't quite sure why, he couldn't remember what they where talking about wile he was asleep.  

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