Until I found you


2. chapter 2

I waited for that Calum guy and I still can't believe that I didn't break up with Luke he is a dick I hate him more than my stepbrother oh and yeah I have stepbrother he is 19 his name is Sean he is cute,hot and everything but I hate him and people say don't date your stepbrother plus he treated me like shit so that's why.

I saw from my window a car pulled up I think that's the Calum guy


Before I walked outside the house I took my keys my bag

I saw black haired guy getting out of the car he is cute"hi you must be Liza?"

"Yeah and you must be Calum"I smiled

"Yeah that's me should we get going?!"he said with his adorable smile I nodded

I got in the passenger car and he got in the driver's seat.

"So what's up with you and Luke did you break up I know it's none of my business but he is my bestfriend so you know?"

"Then why he didn't tell you if he is your bestfriend?!"

"We are in argument"

"Oh why?"

"Last month I finally got a Girlfrined I was hanging out with her every single day then one day he came from the club with some slut when I was with my Girlfrined we share an apartment so the slut left and i said I will get something to eat for us when I came back I saw them maki...ng...out"he cried wow I feel bad for him and I can't believe that Luke would hurt his best friend like this.

"Oh my god Calum I am so sorry but if he hurt you then why you still care about him?"

"Luke has an alcohol problem he drinks everyday I am worried about him"

"Your good Calum and to answer your question no we didn't break up"

Then we arrived school

"nice meeting you Liza"

"You too,Calum"

He smiled I got off the car

"Hey Liza can I have your number maybe if something happen to him you can call me"

"Yeah sure"I said we exchanged numbers he drove away and I walked to my locker I saw Beau my bestfriend.

"Hey Liz"he smiled

"Hey,big bro"I love calling him that but he hate it

"I told you not to call me that"I smiled

"Whatever,anyways have you seen Amy I need to talk to her"

"Yeah she called this morning telling me the same thing that she need to talk to you"

"Then where is she"

"She is in the closet waiting for you"

"Okay thanks"

I ran to the closet I wonder what does she want talk about



Hey guys I am Merna hope u like my ff I am in love with Calum hood so stay away from him

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