Until I found you


1. Chapter 1

Liza's POV

I woke up at 7 o'clock I brush my teeth like my usual morning taking shower and everything

Today is my first day of being a senior last year was like hell but I will try my best

Anyway want to know who I am well my name is Liza I live with my dad my mum left us last year she is in rehab and I really dot want to talk about or think about I am 17 I will turn 18 next month I have a boyfriend his name is Luke he is hot and everything but sometimes I don't trust him I caught him making out with Sally my bully he did know but he just kissed we argued about it but he kept apologizing and my stupid brain just forgave him although he is good kisser .

I got ready for school I waited for Luke to pick me up but no sign I called him he answered in the third ring"hello"he said sleepy


"Li don't panic I am just tired no offense"

"You know I have been waiting for For 2 hour"

"I am not going to school today I will send Calum to pick you up"

"Really your fucking kidding me right your going to send some boy i don't know your pathetic"

He hung up I really now realize that I FUCKING HATE HIM.


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