I told you

Carrie Hart, as lonely orphan child has been bullied since she was 4 by the awful Courtney Grey.. Until one day she had enough..

(for my gsce english creative writing)
I got an A*


4. Wait

Once again she made my day a living misery, and Kai’s (which is the boy’s name by the way.) She bombarded us with insults and racist comments, just because she could. I loved how relaxed he was, I loved his smile and most of all, I loved him. I didn’t ever believe that anyone could feel like this about anyone until now, until I met him. We stayed together all day, we didn’t have anything to talk about but that didn’t matter, the only thing that mattered was that I was with Kai, and he was with me. He looked straight in my eyes whenever he spoke to me. I know it sounds cheesy but it felt like he was looking into my soul. On Tuesdays we had P.E. Great. I had to walk around wearing sweaty gym shorts and showing my skinny white legs when it was December. I started getting changed in the dirty, odd smelling changing rooms as quickly as I could. The last thing I wanted was for Courtney and her friends to walk in. I could hear laughing coming from outside the changing room and then a loud bang. I shoved on my clothes and walked out the door to get a look at what was going on. Kai was lying on the ground, arm stretched out awkwardly. He was unconscious. The bin was knocked over next to him, litter scattered everywhere. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Courtney and her friends, she had hurt him. It was clear to me that she either threw the bin at him or shoved him head first again the wall, or both. Her mouth was a clear ‘O’ shape, I knew she didn’t mean to seriously hurt him, but I didn’t care. As I watched him get into the ambulance I felt a fire inside of me, Courtney was going to pay for what she did to him. She was stood next to me, looking anxiously at the ambulance; it was the first time I’d seen her look guilty for something. I ran back into the school building and searched for inspiration: I needed to hurt her. The D.T. room was empty but the door was unlocked. I walked in and there it was; a big metal hammer, glistening in the sun light. I picked it up and shoved it in my blazer pocket. The bell rang indicating the end of school.
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