I told you

Carrie Hart, as lonely orphan child has been bullied since she was 4 by the awful Courtney Grey.. Until one day she had enough..

(for my gsce english creative writing)
I got an A*


3. Him

The rest of the day was hell; she ruined my work, flushed my P.E. kit down the toilet and pulled out a handful of my black stringy hair. That was a good day; she could do much, much worse. She has been doing this since were six, I guess I was an easy target, no parents, no family, no friends but like I said, I don’t need anybody, ever. It doesn’t help that I’ve always been made to wear strange clothes by my grandma, petticoats and little aprons with matching white gloves. I was an outsider, a freak.

The next day I walked down the bright, long corridor. I could see her out of the corner of my eye. ‘Excuse me?’ I looked up to see a boy staring at me, he had dark round eyes and skin the colour of coffee, his hair was parted into tiny little plaits, I hadn’t see him around before. ‘Could you please tell me where Miss Adams English lesson is?’ His voice was smooth and soft like honey.

‘Y-yes, I’m in that class, it’s over here.’ I said weakly, I felt like such an idiot. ‘Thanks, I just got here, I’ve moved from London, I love your style by the way!’ I glanced up at him, he wasn’t making fun of me, and he was being generally serious. I felt something I hadn’t felt for ten years. Happiness, affection, it was like the big black hole in my heart was slowly starting to heal.

‘Thank you, I’ve always hated it, I live with my grandma you see?’ He just nodded and smiled and as we walked down to English together I finally felt like someone. It didn’t take long for Courtney to pull me back down again, ten minutes in counting. As soon as she saw me her wicked little smile made an appearance. She tossed her beautiful blonde hair and her blue eyes lit up.

‘Oh my god it’s freaky Carrie and her nigger boyfriend!’ I could feel myself tense up. The boy didn’t seem to mind, he just raised his eyebrows in an ‘I’ve seen it all before’ way. I didn’t have his laid back attitude. Something needed to be done about Courtney Grey, someone needed to teach that girl a lesson. 

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