I told you

Carrie Hart, as lonely orphan child has been bullied since she was 4 by the awful Courtney Grey.. Until one day she had enough..

(for my gsce english creative writing)
I got an A*


5. Beginning

She walked the same way home as me. I could always hear her dainty little footsteps behind me. I normally dreaded that sound but this is what I was waiting for. I wanted to scare her, let her know she can never come near me or Kai again. As soon as I could hear her, I turned around and looked straight into her evil deep-blue eyes. Her mouth twisted into a smirk. I reached for the hammer and pulled it out as fast as I could. ‘What is this because I hurt your nigger friend?’ She asked, hands on hips, mocking me. That was it. My hand lost control, hitting her on the head, over and over again. She let out a piercing scream as blood splattered across her face and all over my white dress. I couldn’t stop. She fell to the floor but my hand still went on hitting. She was dead and I didn’t feel sad, I didn’t feel anything.

There I stood, blood dripping down my hands and staining the cuffs of my shirt. Drops of crimson were dripping from the hammer and into the cold white blanket of snow like rose petals onto a white sheet. She had done it, she had finally broken me. I stared at her perfect face and deep down, I knew that I was glad I had done what I did, and she had it coming.

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