Heart break

"Justin what do you mean you thought I didn't like you? Are you crazy? I slept with a pillow pretending it was you. Justin I love you." she exclaimed. "I love you too... And I always have and will"
What will happen when bad boy Justin mingles with a bad-sweet girl? You'll have to read to find out.


2. The texting truth

I woke up in the morning with the sound of a flight attendant yellowing at me to wake up. My arm and shoulder felt heavy for some reason. My eyes had just opened by I couldn't quite get my vision to work properly yet. 

  "wakeup! Wakeup!" she called. Wake your girlfriend up too please. The plain has landed." what? Who? Me? I have a girlfriend? I looked to my left and saw Shaz leaning into my shoulder and my arm wrapped around her waist.    "um... Sharnie? It's time to wakeup." I rocked her to try and help her get up.   "wha... What?" she mumbled through her half asleep slumber. She lifted her head in shock to see the both of us cuddling so closely. "oh I'm so sorry Justin. I-I didn't kn-" I cut her off.   "it's okay. It's perfectly fine." I smiled. I wanted to tell her you can keep doing it but I knew I couldn't. It might've freaked her out.    As we walked out their was an usher who escorted us to a black limo. Jordy had her own private one with her boyfriend Liam Hensweth.    It was a two hour drive to NYC where our hotel was. Shaz was sitting next to me. "do what are we gonna do?" I asked with my eyes looking at the long couch thinking wrongly.    "I have no idea Justin, but we're not going over their!" she said in a silly way. "I'm just going to go over to the drinks bar, can you hold my phone?" Shaz said kind of demanding me.   "year sure." I replied. Her phone buzzed in my hands and I look at it. The message previewed on the lock screen.  From: jordy How the ride with your lover?    I couldn't control myself. She liked me too? Sharnie came back and sat down next to me and handed me a can of coca cola.    "I hope you like coke." he rambled. I nodded my head just looking at her beautiful house. I got in closer to her, put my arm around her shoulders and smiled.   "you don't mind do you?" I said shakily. She smiled delighted at me.    "no not at all Justin," she replied. For the rest if the drive we just made silly jks and laughed and cuddled.   We got to our rooms and jordy was already inside our V.I.P suit. She was on the couch making out with Liam. Sharnie and I just giggled as we walked pass. It was 11:54 and we decided to watch a movie in Shaz's room.    We went in our deprecate rooms and got into our pajamas. I walked into her rooms as her door was open. She looked so cute in her mini shorts and tank top.    "you look nice." I mentioned to her. I was wearing my boxes and was shirtless.    "nice abs." she giggled. I loved her laugh it was incredibly cute. We got into her bed and put the covers over us. It was cold. We put on us comedy movie. She was slowly moving closer into my chest. I put my arm around her and she put her head on my chest.    Jordy knocked on the door. "where the hell is Justin!" she came screaming at Shaz. She looked so worried then it quickly changed to relief and anger. "what the fuck are you two doing sleeping together?" she went all red.   "oh sorry Jordan. It's not- we weren't- we're just watching a movie because we didn't way to bother you and Liam." Shaz said a little upset.    "well... Liam just broke up with me." she started to cry running to Sharnie and jumped in the middle of us. Shaz started hugging her tightly. "why did he brake up with me?" she managed to get out of her sob.    I decided to leave them too and went to my room. I got a text message it was from Shaz.   To: Justin  Shes asleep in her own room now. Finally!! Haha!    To: Shaz  Poor Jordan though.   To: Justin  Yeah. I think we upset her by cuddling.   To: Shaz  State the obvious. LOL   To: Justin Well I had fun with you. :)   To: Shaz Same. I had a lot of fun.    To: Shaz I need to tell you something. I saw the text message Jordy sent you in the limo.    To: Jordan  Oh. Um... I'm sorry. :( I'm so embarrassed. Far out.    To: Shaz  Y? I like you too. :)    To: Jordan  No! Omg! Yay!
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