Heart break

"Justin what do you mean you thought I didn't like you? Are you crazy? I slept with a pillow pretending it was you. Justin I love you." she exclaimed. "I love you too... And I always have and will"
What will happen when bad boy Justin mingles with a bad-sweet girl? You'll have to read to find out.


5. My girl

We entered the restaurant and waited at the front desk. "table for two?" the waitress asked. 

    "ah no sorry we have a booking. It's under Justin" I urged out of my mouth.      "table 14." she ushered us to the table. It wasn't crowded at all. She took us through a door. It was probably half full. Music was playing and people were dancing on the dance flor which was (luckily) far away from the tables.      "how do you like it?" I asked Shaz. She seemed concerned.     "I bloody love it!" she lifted my spirt. We looked at the menu. "I think I'll get a Parma. You?" she asked.     "spaghetti." I grinned sexily.      "hey i'm Amanda. I'll be your waitress for today. Can I get you anything?" she seemed really polite.      "ah yeah I'll get a coke and," Shaz made a peace sign saying to get two drinks, "sorry can I make that two and a Parma and a spaghetti both regulars thanks"      "yeah sure it won't be long" she smiled and walked into the kitchen.      John Ledgend's 'all of me loves all of you' started playing. "may I have this dance." I romanticized with my hand out.     "yes." she replied as she was blushing. Holding hands I walked her down to the floor. I put my hands around her waist. She put her hands around my neck.      Our face's were close eye to eye nose to nose. We swayed to the song and fell into a kiss. In what felt like no time, our meals were on the table.      "our meals are ready." Shaz blurted out quite loudly but then covered her mouth in embarrassment. I laughed at her.      I pulled her chair out and say her down. "thank you Justin"     "so um... About what I was going to say in the car," I grabbed her hand and placed it in mine and lifted her chin with my index finger. "do you want to be my," I gulped, "girlfriend?" I was do worried about what she'd say.      "YES!!!! Yes I will!" we kissed.      It wasn't long until we were Na k in the car going home. When we got inside the hotel door, I put shaz's legs around my waist and carried her to my bed room whilst our kissing. I placed our biddies on the bed. Our lips did not break its seal.      "Justin I love you to much!" she exclaimed. We stopped kissing and walked to the lounge and cuddled in the couch watching a movie.      "so guys guess what!" Jordan came running inside. "were going back home. The tours been cancelled." Shaz and I shared glances bit knowing why that was good.      "I'm back with Liam." she yelled with him running through the door sweeping her off her feet and running to her bedroom.     "COPYCATS!" I yelled and laughed with Shaz.      "I had fun today. Thank you." Shaz spoke and smiled.     "no problem. Anything for my girl." I said back. I pecked her check. "to be honnest I would of never talked to you if you didn'tb say yes to being my girlfriend." I nodded while I was saying it.      We watched some more movies and ordered take away pizza.      At 12 we decided to get ready for bed. We kissed goodnight and went into our separate rooms.     "Shaz do you want to sleep with me tonight." I asked with respect and I was nervous.      " I thought you'd never ask." she smiled and ran to my room and crept into my bed. Soon enough we were asleep in each others company.


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