Heart break

"Justin what do you mean you thought I didn't like you? Are you crazy? I slept with a pillow pretending it was you. Justin I love you." she exclaimed. "I love you too... And I always have and will"
What will happen when bad boy Justin mingles with a bad-sweet girl? You'll have to read to find out.


1. Lovebirds

I got out my phone and texted my girlfriend.   To: crusty Hey crusty. I was going to tell you in person.   To: Justin  Yeah baby what's up?   To: crusty  I don't like you as much as I used to. I think you're better off on your own.   To: justin  ...Please don't leave I'm going to miss you 💋😔   I am Justin and I was really popular at school. I just broke up with a chick I didn't even like, but I got some sleep time with her.    Theres this girl, you could say, I'm in love with her. Her name is Sharnie, Shaz  for short though. I've known her for a month or two. Her best friend Jordy is my  ex-ex-ex and also my best friend.    Me and Jordy worked in a discount opportunity store. I've always been a catholic like my mom. We go to mass every Sunday morning.    Bring bring. "Justin darling, its Jordy." i havn't seen her in ages. She had just been on tour with Usher as the support act.    "hey Jordy what's up!" She's famous she got picked up by a reality show and then usher assigned her to his contract.   "so Shaz is coming on tour with me and I just wanna know if you wanna come?" what. The. Hell. The girl I've been cherishing on is going to be in hotel rooms with me for a year! What am I going to do? Kiss her.    "uh... Um.... Yeah. Yeah sure I'll come." was all I managed to get thought my eye to eye wide smile.    "great pick you up tomorrow." this was the best, most important phone call in my life. Your probably thinking I have no life right now. All I'm going to say is two words 'Shar nie.'    "mooooooommmmmyyyyy! I'm going on your with Jordy!!!" I screamed running from my bedroom.    "good on you, babe" she said. She didn't s eem too enthusiastic about it but I am 19 I ain't a child anymore.i already got a tat and a lip piercing.    That night I couldn't sleep like at all. Her gorgeous blue eyes and golden waves. It made me blush just thinking about it.    I woke up to the sound of a girl screaming at me. "fuck! What do you want bitch?" I yelled in anger. Only because I WAS sleeping.    "get ready." she chucked me some clothes off the floor. "you got 10 to get out of this house." I didn't hear a word she said I was stuck on Shaz's beautiful face.    "yeah yeah okay." I blurted out of my dasziness.   I got into my clothes and kissed my family goodbye. Then jumped in the back seat with Shaz. "hey." I called to her. She giggled, "hello Justin it's nice to finaly see you up."    Me and Shaz have always be a cuddly bunch so it wasn't anything wired when I put my arm around her. "so... Where are the bedrooms, Jordy?" I asked in anticipation. "I got my own room then we got your room double bed and Sharnie's room double bed in the one flat." she gave me a glare when she said our rooms were deprecated and I wanted to punch her.    "bet you're jealous Justin. I get to sleep with my teddy and not you." she teased.   "totally." I winked at her sarcastically. And she giggled back at me. Jody's song started playing on the radio and we were all singing along.    "you two lovebirds should sing this song to each other." we all laughed.    "shut up Jordan. Justin and I are not lovebirds!" She growled. We all laughed.    When we arrived at the airport, their was heaps of fans with banners for Jordy. It was funny because she's just an average friend to Shaz and I. I saw some old mates from school out here. Totally awkward.    We got onto Jordys private jet and it was pretty ruff inside. Totally cool. "aye JBeibez you want this chair?" Jordan asked.    "ah yeah alright." I replied. Their was another seat next to mine. "Sharnie? You wanna sit here next to me?" I asked but pleading in my mind.    "yeah sure Justy-poo!" Sharnie squealed back at me. "w-what you cl-me?" I mumbled. She just gave me a nickname! Omfg!    "what the hell?" she said confused. A giggled excepted my enclosed lips, she was so cute when she was confused.    "don't worry." I said back. She came and sat next to me. And put her headphones on and started watching 'the vow' on the screen in front of her.    I was trying not I fall asleep but it was hard. I was so tired. "do you mind if I put the arm-rest up?" I asked her.    "nah, man it's totally cool." she smirked. I put the arm-rest up. I was so temped to cuddle her but I couldn't she was to innocent to be wrecked by my violent nature. 
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