Heart break

"Justin what do you mean you thought I didn't like you? Are you crazy? I slept with a pillow pretending it was you. Justin I love you." she exclaimed. "I love you too... And I always have and will"
What will happen when bad boy Justin mingles with a bad-sweet girl? You'll have to read to find out.


4. I love you

"don't cry baby," I said as I was crying to calm Shaz down, "Selena and I aren't getting back together." I kissed her hair, midst out cuddle.

    "th-he-he-hen why has she put 'my boy Justin' all over twitter Facebook and instagram?" she poured out with a steam of tears falling one by one.     I locked her phone and pulled her to my lap. I wasn't sitting on the couch fully, so when I leant back, I was practically lying down.      Our faces were crouching, our breath was one. She managed to shape her body so that her face was in my neck. I took a deep breath.      "she. She came over yesterday. We didn't do anything. Although she sat on my lap and tried to kiss me. I'm not going to lie to you, I was thinking about you the whole time. I would have gotten her pregnant if I didn't have you on my mind." I kissed her forehead while I felt more tears fall down my shoulder and neck.      I started lightly kissing her lips. "Justin?" Shaz asked me kindly, "where's jordy?" she fussed. She was so beautiful I likes the way her hair fall beneath her, umm, beneath her... Boobs.      "ah she's out for today. She's got her last day concert here, then we're up in the air again." I tried to put some humor in what I was saying.      "do you, maybe, only if you want, we could go out for a nice lunch." she asked. I wanted to stay home and kiss her lips all day.     "yeah we can. Go get dressed I'll make a booking." I smiled. She got off me and laughed. "what? What? What's wrong with me?" I started searching my body.      "it's Just you look like you jizzed on your shoulder." she started laughing historically. She even looked hot when she was looking like a retard.      We went into our separate rooms to get changed. "Justin I'll have a shower. Please." she asked but I knew the please was in just to make it sound polite.      "sure," I winked at her. We were yelling from our bedrooms. I was just walking out to sit on the couch, as I saw her running to the shower passed me. (Wait for it)... Naked!      "nudie run!" she screamed as she ran passed.     "I bet you want me to see." I teased while flirting. She squealed at me running faster. She had a good body. Especially butt.      It was about half an-hour before I heard the shower stop. She ran out with a towel around her this time. U crept up behind her and put my hands on her stomach which, turned out to be her boobs.      "aghh Justin!" she screamed. It sounded happy and upset with a hint of hornyness. I wanted to kiss her right their. But I didn't.      We went into our bedrooms I took my t-shirt, shorts and boxers off. I put on some fresh boxers. I found my rexona and put it on, under my armpits. Then I sprayed some lynx, that's what the lassies like.     I couldn't find a top to wear. I decided to go to Shaz room. I think I left it in there the night we slept together.      I pushed my door open and walked to hers. It was just beside mine. I could of asked her but I wanted more time with her.      I slowly walked to her room re-considering if this was the right thing to do. I  knocked on her door. "yeah Justin?" she asked, I was just about to ask her if I cod come in but she beat me, "come in" she insisted. I walked in pushing the door.     She looked got in her underwear. She had a white pushup lacy on and black undies. "uh... Do you know where my tee is?" I questioned her. I didn't reive but I was staring at her perfectly shaped breasts.      "no sorry babe you can look  though."      SHARNIE'S POV     Justin looked amazing in his boxers. I wanted to kiss her right then and there.      "found it!" I heard Justin scream as I was doing my makeup. He was about to put it on.      "wait." I yelled. Justin looked so confused. I pulled it off his neck, still while he looked confused. I put my arms around his neck. A smile crept to the left side of his face. I felt him put his hands on my lower back and ass.      I leftws my head to his height and pecked at his lips. I looked back up at him. Justin was still frozen. I was standing with my back towards the side of the bed. I kissed Justin again. This time he kissed back aswell and loosened up. He pushed my light body into the bed. He got ontop of me and started kissing. Up and down my neck, on my chest, all over my body. Our kissing session finished with a French kiss. Justin got off the top of me helped me up and smiled.      "I love you." he pronounced. As he was putting his tee on he said one more thing, "should I put my top on or wait for you to tell me not too?" I hated it when he was cheeky but I loved it at the same time.      Justin's POV     I walked back to my room and dropped myself on the bed. Man Was she good. I loved it. I want more.      I put my skinnies on and walked to Shaz's room. "you got clothes on?" I asked at her door. Yeah you're welcome in. I sat on her bed and turned the TV on. She was looking for some shoes.      "you look gorgeous" I winked at her and her cheeks went red.      "thank you" she returned. She crawled onto the bed and sat next to me. I put my arm around her and she leaned in closer.      "do you want to be my. No don't worry." she looked upset but I persuaded her with a kiss.     "c'mon let's ride." we got off the bed and walked to the front door. "got everything?" I made sure. She nodded. We pressed the down arrows in the hotel elevator. We held hands whilst we were standing in the lift. We walked to the car.     "good  morning." the receptionist greeted. I smiled at her. We got in my Chevrolet G8 and had another kiss. 
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