Someone Other Than You

What if the love of your life turned out to be a liar, a cheater. You open your heart to that person and they let you fall and become weak, right in front of them. Left you standing there, crying and banging your fists against the wall. There's no going back, no matter what, this isn't a dream. It's your life. Your future. It will travel with you forever. In your head, in your actions, how you view the world and most of all, your very dreams.


2. Chapter 2

"Jessica Marie Jones, will you do the honor of becoming my wife?" Niall bends down on one knee in front of me. We had just finished our date at this super fancy restaurant that Nialls Mum had told him about.

I'm too stunned to say anything so I just stand there and nod. I try as hard as I can to push Zayn out of my mind but he stays. 

Niall slips the shiny ring onto my ring finger, smiling in the process.

"I've been planning this for weeks. I just felt that this was the right time." Niall stares at me for a bit before cupping his hand around my face.

He presses his lips softly against mine, warmth immediately taking over my whole body. His arms wrap around my waist and I place my arms around his neck, pulling him as close to me as possible. 

"I love you, Jessica." He speaks between kisses.

"I love you too." I whisper.

When Niall and I get back to his house we head straight to his bedroom, and continue what we had started earlier directly after our lunch date. In all reality is was our first time being that intimate with each other. It was quite amazing. Love and lust added together makes you feel like you're floating on clouds.

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