WWE: Road To WrestleMania 4

Road To WrestleMania 4; The night after WrestleMania, Dean Ambrose heads back up the road with The Authority. Triple H does all he can to take the WWE World Title from Dean. Kim soon gives birth to a premature baby girl 2 months early. WWE Creators finds a way to bring back Kim into the WWE with angle involving The Authority, but Kim rejects it due to her baby's health. Soon down the road, the creators once again brings back Kim, and this time, Kim accepts and returns to the ring, but what happens when Kim goes for the Divas title? Read on and see what happens.


11. WrestleMania Part 2


Tamina: Is she alright? 

Dean: Move! Roman, I need you! 

Roman: *follows dean* 

Dean: *takes kim to the parking garage* I need you to take her to the nearest hospital for me and call me if anything! 

Roman: Yeah, I will. 

Dean: I'll bring our stuff and I'll be there right after the match is over. 

Roman: Alright. *gets in the car and speeds off* 

Dean: *looking worried*  

' (Later On) 

Seth: *comes out to the ring first* 

Dean: *slowly comes out the ring* 

Cesaro: *comes out last* 

Ref: *starts the match* 

Dean: *attacks seth* 

Cesaro: *beats up dean from behind* 

Nikki: You guys, I'm so worried for Kim right now. 

Rosa: Who isn't? 

Tyson: Where are you going?! 

Natalya: I have to go! I hurted my friend and I need to be there with her right now! *carrying her bags and suitcase* 

Tyson: Well let me go with you. 

Natalya: TJ! Not now ok! *leaves* 

Dean: *hits the dirty deeds on Cesaro* 

Seth: *curb stomps dean from the turnbuckle before he gets up* 

Dean: *out cold* 

Seth: *pins dean for the win* 

Justin: And the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion! Seth... Rollins! 

Dean: *rolls out the ring and runs up the ramp to the back* 

Dolph: He's running! Get out the way! 

Triple H: *comes out to the ring and congratulates seth* 

Seth: *smiles and celebrates* 

Triple H: *raises seth's hand in the middle of the ring* 

Seth: *screams in excitement* Yes! I did it! 

Triple H: *looks at the belt and then seth* 

Seth: *smiling at triple h* 

Triple H: *tells seth to look the other way* 

Seth: What? *turns around*  

Triple H: *attacks seth and beats down on him* 

Refs: *runs out and pulls triple h away* 

Triple H: *beats up the refs and cont. beating up seth* 

Seth: *out cold* 

Triple H: *pedigree seth and leaves the ring* 

Refs: *checking on seth and helps him to the back* 


Dean: How is she? 

Natalya: Dean, I'm so sorry. 

Dean: Why are you here? 

Natalya: Because she's my friend and, and it's my fault she's here. *crying* 

Dean: You don't need to be here, leave! 

Natalya: Please Dean! She's my friend! 

Roman: *backing dean up* It's ok, just don't pay attention to her right now. 

Dean: Where is she? 

Roman: I went ahead and let them take her in for emergency surgery. 

Dean: Thank you. 

Roman: She could of died... they said. 

Dean: *shocked* What? 

Roman: She would have died if it was a higher fall. Just thank god Nattie didn't do anything else to her in the ring or else she would of really messed up her neck. 

Dean: She's in neck surgery? 

Roman: Yes she is. 

Dean: *looks at Natalya* You are to never touch my wife again you hear me! 

Security: Is everything ok here? 

Roman: Dean, let it go, calm down. 

Natalya: *crying* I didn't know that was gonna happen Dean! I'm so sorry. 

Security: I need you guys to lower your tones or I'm gonna kick you guys out. 

Dean: Kick me out? Kick me out! My wife is in emergency surgery right now! I had to leave WrestleMania right away to be with her! Did you not see what happened to her! 

Security: No, I didn't, I'm sorry, but please, lower your tone. 

Roman: C'mon, let's get some fresh air outside. 

Dean: *leaves with roman* Your stuff's in the trunk. 

Roman: It's ok, I'll get it later. Listen, she's gonna be alright ok. Don't stress too much, be strong for Kayleigh you hear me. 

Dean: I almost forgot about her. 

Melissa: *calls dean* 

Dean: Shit! It's her mother calling. Hello? 

Melissa: Where is he? 

Dean: She's, she's in emergency surgery right now, don't worry, she's fine. 

Melissa: We are on the way there, we're in the airport right now Dean. 

Dean: Alright, I'll be here Mrs. Cordova. *hangs up* 

Roman: Everything's gonna be ok. I'm gonna stay here with you alright. 

Dean: *hugs roman and cries*  

Roman: *hugs dean back* I'm sorry Jonathan. 

Dean: *crying* I was scared, I was so scared I was gonna lose her. 

Roman: You're not, she's getting surgery, and she'll be fine when they're done with the operation. 

Dean: *nods* 

(18 Months Later - RAW) 

Justin: Please welcome back... Kim! 

Kim: *comes out to the ring with dean* 

Fans: *cheers* 

Kim: *takes the mic and nods then smiles* It's great to see you guys too WWE Universe. It's great to see this ring again, great to see some familiar faces, and it's great to be back at the place where it all began. Hello Nashville, Tennessee! *smiles* 

Fans: *cheers loudly* 

Kim: *looks to the ground* It's great to return to where I debuted again. I am here to address you all about my WrestleMania incident. I got hurt in the middle of the match, it didn't end how it was supposed to. I could of died if I wasn't saved in time. 

Fans: *boos* 

Kim: Yeah, I know, but I'm alive today and that's all that matters to me. Um for those wondering, I recently got out from the hospital 2 months ago and I been training and trying to get myself back together again. And... I hate to say this because it hurts me to say it, but I'm officially retiring from WWE. 

Fans: *boos louder* 

Kim: Yeah, I know you guys. *tries not to cry* If it wasn't for this neck injury, I would still be wrestling today. I was told I'm still the Divas Champion because I never got pinned, but it was taken from me. 

Fans: *chants "champion at heart* 

Kim: Yeah, I'll always be a champion at heart. *smiles in tears* 344 days, never forget that number and if anyone beats that record, tweet me and I will be glad to give you a call and thank you! 

Fans: *cheers* 

Kim: I got a call from Natalie Neidhart, better known as Natalya. She called crying, apologizing, and she even quit the WWE for me because she felt bad. She told me it wouldn't be fair that she still got to wrestled while I didn't and she's right, that's not fair, but you know what. If that's what you love, and what your passionate for, stay. I will always love this job, and maybe in the long year runs, I will come back and have a last match and maybe a last title run. 

Fans: *cheers* 

Kim: But as of now... I won't be back nine months later. I won't be back one year later... and I won't be back eighteen months later. Who knows when I'll be back. WWE Universe, you guys have been awesome to me, you all welcomed me here and even when I was playing a villain, you all still cheered me on. I could never thank you guys all for it. And in the future, I hope we all get to reunite and enjoy a last match together. *smiles* 

Fans: *cheers* 

Kim: Ladies and gentlemen... In the same arena debuted in... I am not retiring and leaving in the same arena that welcomed me here. *cries* 

Fans: *cheers and chants* Thank you Kim. 

Kim: *puts the mic down and greets a few fans before leaving backstage* 


Divas/Superstars: *greets kim and thanks her* 

Kim: *leaving with dean* I'll miss you guys! I'll promise to come back soon. *smiles and leaves* 

Dean: *opens the door for kim* 

Kim: Thank you. *smiles* 

Dean: *closes the door and gets to the drivers side* You ready? 

Kim: *looks at the arena sad* Yeah... yeah I am. *smiles* 

Dean: *grabs kims hand* It's gonna be ok. 

Kim: It's time to close this chapter and start a new one now. 

Dean: The WWE will always welcome you Kim. 

Kim: Yeah, but as of now I'm gonna focus on being a stay at home mom and in the future... I'll find my way back on the road to WWE. *smiles*

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