WWE: Road To WrestleMania 4

Road To WrestleMania 4; The night after WrestleMania, Dean Ambrose heads back up the road with The Authority. Triple H does all he can to take the WWE World Title from Dean. Kim soon gives birth to a premature baby girl 2 months early. WWE Creators finds a way to bring back Kim into the WWE with angle involving The Authority, but Kim rejects it due to her baby's health. Soon down the road, the creators once again brings back Kim, and this time, Kim accepts and returns to the ring, but what happens when Kim goes for the Divas title? Read on and see what happens.


10. WrestleMania Part 1

(WrestleMania Weekend) 

Interviewer 1: Alright, live with us is Kim Ambrose.  

Kim: *smiles nervously* 

Interviewer 1: Kim when you returned after Survivor Series, one year later. You interrupted Stephanie and told her you didn't like how they treated your husband. Now is that part of the storyline or? 

Kim: It is a storyline as well, but in reality, both Dean Ambrose and I married. We've been married for a little over a year now. *chuckles*  

Interviewer 2: How did the angle with you coming back work? 

Kim: Well I got the call from Mark and Jane and they asked if I was interested in coming back. And if I was, I can start off with getting my revenge on Stephanie, which would be perfect since they were already in a storyline with my husband. Of course I came back, talked down on Stephanie and defended my husband which they were always ganging up on each week. 

Interviewer 3: So how did it felt to wrestle Stephanie not once, but twice at two pay per views? 

Kim: Oh my god, where do I even start? Stephanie is a role model to me, I watched her growing up, and to actually gotten the chance to play a storyline with her was awesome, but then when I got the call that I was doing this storyline and getting to wrestle her, my heart almost stopped. I was like no way. 

Interviewer 2: It must have been awesome getting that part right? 

Kim: Yes, it was. 

Interviewer 1: Live with us now is Dean Ambrose. Now Dean, how long have you and Kim been together before making it public? 

Dean: We never did go public. I'm a private guy, we kept our relationship private and we did pretty well with it. If you're a crazy fan, of course you're gonna find information as much as you can and that's what they did.  

Interviewer 2: Now when you two got married, how long before the WWE Universe found out? 

Dean: Um, we actually were married for a year already. When Kim returned the day after Survivor Series, it was already a little over a year. We didn't really want to let the world know, but it was part a storyline, our guts said no, but we both just went with it and now we both regret it because so many fans are like they're married! Let's dig into their information now.  

Interviewer 3: A lot of fans been posting pictures of you two on the internet from live events, and some of them involve strollers and car seat. 

Dean: *laughs* Really? That's strange, I don't recall that. 

Kim: Um. *laughs* Stroller? Car seat? What? 

Dean: I'm just kidding, but that's supposed to be private. Who leaked those! But yeah, Kim and I do have a daughter together. 

Kim: She was born on July 12, 2017. She is precious, I love her, she was born prematurely, but she's growing now, and there's not a day where I don't miss her while being on the road with her dad. 

Interviewer 4: Tomorrow night, you are facing not one, or two, but three other divas, is that easy or hard? 

Kim: Um, I had many matches my whole career here, but none of them are as competitive as those three, I really wish Naomi and Tamina was in it too, they are strong, talented and always the ones I want to wrestle in the ring.  

Interviewer 2: Alright, well last question, and it's from a WWE fan, and their question is... When did you know it was love with Dean Ambrose? 

Kim: It was love at first sight. *smiles* 

Interviewer 2: Alright, thank you for coming by Kim. 

Kim: Thank you. *smiles and leaves* 

Interviewer 4: Now before we let you go, you have a question from a WWE fan and their question is... How long was it until you asked Kim to marry you? 

Dean: I believe it was after Money in the Bank and before Battleground of last year. * 

Interviewer 4: Alright Dean, thank you for your time with us today. 

Dean: No problem. *smiles and leaves* 

(Hall Of Fame) 

Kim: *arrives with dean* 

Eden: Kim, this is your fourth attendance for the Hall of Fame ceremony, how do you like it so far? 

Kim: I love it Eden. I love anything related to WWE.  

Eden: Aw. 

Kim: You know, I grew up watching them, and I still today can't believe I'm in attendance. That's how crazy it is it me. *smiles* 

Eden: Alright, well enjoy the rest of the ceremony Kim. 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you, you too Eden. *leaves with dean* 


Dean: *stretching out kim* 

Kim: *stretching* 

AJ: Oh, nevermind. 

Kim: Yeah? *stops stretching out* 

AJ: I just want to congratulate you on tonight, I know we've been thru the most feuds and tonight, tonight is my last pay per view before I leave the WWE. 

Kim: Wait, you're not renewing? 

AJ: No, I don't think I am. 

Kim: Aw. *hugs aj* I'm gonna miss you AJ. I love having storylines with you and I love wrestling you.  

AJ: I do too Kim. You're like the best competitor since Kaitlyn left. 

Kim: Aw. *smiles* Well you're a very great competitor too AJ and I hope to wrestle you again before you leave. 

AJ: Girl, me too, but I'm gonna get ready. 

Kim: Ok. 

AJ: *leaves* 

Dean: Ready? 

Kim: Yeah. *cont. training with dean* 

Dean: C'mon, hit harder, don't hit like a girl. 

Kim: *stops and laughs* I am a girl! 

Dean: *laughs* Ok, well don't hit like a kid. 

Kim: *punches harder* 

Dean: *gets hit in the nose* Ow! 

Kim: *laughs* I'm sorry babe, let me see. 

Dean: I didn't say bust me in the nose! 

Kim: I didn't mean to, let me see! *moves deans hand* You're fine, c'mon, let's do it again. 

Dean: Hold on. 

Kim: C'mon, don't be such a girl. 

Dean: *laughs* Excuse me! *tackles kim to the wall* 

Kim: *laughs* 

(Backstage Segment) 

Sasha: *smiles cocky* Boss coming thru, move! *pushes kim* 

Kim: *chuckles upset* I like how your shirt says "I'm not ratchet." 

Sasha: *smiles* Thanks. 

Kim: Well then um... don't act ratchet! 

Sasha: *gasp* 

Kim: Rookie. 

Sasha: You wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for Triple H ok. 

Kim: Even if it wasn't for him, I would of gotten here myself. 

Sasha: Prove it. 

Kim: Oh I will tonight when I win the Divas title.  

Sasha: Please, dream on Kim. 

Kim: Right, is that why no other divas beaten my record. And is that why I'm the highest ranking diva and the most talked diva. Even if you make it to the main roster, which you won't... *smiles* You'll never be on my level. *flips her hair and walks off* 

Sasha: *stands in silence getting mad* 

WrestleMania: *starts* 

AJ: *skips out to the ring first* 

Charlotte: *comes out next* 

Kim: *comes out in dean's theme* 

Jerry: Wow, what a great way to come out to. She's dressed as Dean and has his theme on tonight. 

Kim: *gets in the ring* 

Natalya: *comes out next* 

Ref: *starts the match* 

AJ: *locks up with charlotte* 

Kim: *brawls with Natalya outside the ring* 

Charlotte: *puts aj in the submission hold* 

Kim: *runs in and legdrops charlotte* 

Charlotte: *lets go of AJ* 

Kim: *grabs aj and spin kicks her out the ring* 

AJ: *tumbles to the floor* 

Natalya: *walks to aj and beats her up* 

Kim: *goes back and forth hitting charlotte* 

Charlotte: *blocks the last move and knees kim in the gutter* 

Kim: *groans and holds her stomach* 

Charlotte: *grabs kims hair and slams her onto the mat* 

Kim: *groans and rolls out the ring* 

Natalya: *gets in the ring and brawls with charlotte* 

AJ: *gets back up and breaks the fight* 

Kim: *holds the apron and gets up slowly* 

AJ: *slides to the bottom rope and kicks kim* 

Kim: *flies back onto the ground again* 

AJ: *brawls with kim outside the right* 

Natalya: *puts charlotte in the sharpshooter* 

AJ: *gets back in the ring and runs towards natalya* 

Natalya: *lets go charlotte and clotheslines aj* 

AJ: *lies on the mat* 

Kim: *gets in the ring and spears Natalya* 

Charlotte: *gets up* 

Kim: *spears charlotte* 

AJ: *gets up* 

Kim: *gets fired up* 

AJ: *looks at kim* 

Kim: *runs and carries aj to the turnbuckle and punches her upwards* 

Natalya: *grabs kim by the hair* 

AJ: *runs towards kim* 

Kim: *gives a boot to aj in the face* 

Charlotte: *double teams with Natalya on kim* 

Kim: *laid out in the ring* 

Natalya: *smiles* 

Charlotte: *smiles back at Natalya and turns around* 

Natalya: *attacks charlotte from behind* 

Charlotte: *tosses Natalya out the ring and fights her out there* 

AJ: *goes for the black widow on kim* 

Kim: *screams and about to tap* 

AJ: *puts on more pressure* 

Kim: *grabs onto aj's leg and moves it and Celtic cross her* 

AJ: *groans* 

Kim: *looks at charlotte and Natalya and dives out the rope onto them* 

Charlotte: *tumbles down with Natalya* 

Kim: *gets back up and climbs the turnbuckle quick and does a shooting star to aj and pins her* 

AJ: *kicks out* 

Kim: *screams in anger* 

Natalya: *gets in the ring* 

Kim: *powerslams Natalya* 

Natalya: *rolls back out the ring* 

Kim: *pulls aj and throws her out the ring and onto the announcers table* 

Jerry: Oh no, what is Kim gonna do? 

JBL: Shut up King! I love when Kim is violent like this. 

Kim: *climbs on the apron and looks at aj* 

AJ: *laying on the announcer table* 

Kim: *jumps on the turnbuckle* 

Roman: Dean, your girls crazy. 

Dean: I've been told she's the female version of me. 

Roman: She is, I'm not gonna lie. 

Charlotte: *runs in the ring and climbs on the turnbuckle* 

Kim: *grabs onto charlotte* 

Charlotte: *trying to go for a suplex* 

Dean: Oh fuck... 

Natalya: *gets in the ring and pushes both charlotte and kim* 

Roman: Oh shit! 

Kim: *falls and hits the corner of the table and lands on her head* 

Charlotte: *falls onto aj* 

AJ: *breaks thru the table with kim and charlotte* 

Michael: Oh my god! Oh my god! 

Dean: *confused* The fuck? That wasn't part of the script. 

Roman: Are you allowed to go check on her? 

Dean: I don't know. *looks around* 

Jerry: Did you see that! 

JBL: *laughs* Yes! This is what I'm talking about guys! *smiles* 

Fans: *chants the yes movement* 

Natalya: *smiles in exhaustion* 

Paramedics: *rushes out to check on the girls* 

Natalya: *pushes everyone out the way and grabs kim by the hair* 

Kim: *out cold* 

Natalya: *drags kim into the ring* 

Kim: *passed out* 

Roman: Dude, she's not even moving Dean! 

Dean: *runs off* 

Roman: *runs after dean* 

Dean: *runs out to the ring* 

Roman: *stops* 

Nikki: Is she ok?! 

Dean: *running to the ring* 

Natalya: *goes for a sharpshooter* 

Charlotte: *gets in the ring and pushes Natalya* 

Natalya: *falls to the mat* 

Kim: *passed out still* 

Charlotte: *dropkicks Natalya in the face* 

Natalya: *falls out the ring* 

Dean: *runs to the side of the ring and looks at aj* 

AJ: *out cold* 

Few Talents: *watching on the tv*  

Titus: Dude, Kim's gotta be dead. 

Tyson: I'm sure Nattie didn't mean for that to happen. 

Eva: *worried* Dude, she's like out, she's not even moving. 

Triple H: *runs out with Stephanie* 

Dean: *checking on kim* Kim, Kim.  

Paramedics: *strolls aj to the back* 

Triple H: *worried* Is AJ ok! 

Paramedic: I don't know. 

Triple H: *looks over at the ring and runs that direction* 

Stephanie: Stop the match! Stop the match! 

Charlotte: No! *pulls kim by the arm* 

Dean: Dude! 

Charlotte: *lays down and puts kims arm over her* Count! 

Dean: *worried*  

Charlotte: Count! 

Ref: 1! 2! 3! *calls for the bell* 

Natalya: *leans against the apron looking at kim worried* 

Justin: And the new! WWE Divas Champion... Kim! 

Dean: Forget the belt right now! *gets in the ring and carries kim out to the back*

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