WWE: Road To WrestleMania 4

Road To WrestleMania 4; The night after WrestleMania, Dean Ambrose heads back up the road with The Authority. Triple H does all he can to take the WWE World Title from Dean. Kim soon gives birth to a premature baby girl 2 months early. WWE Creators finds a way to bring back Kim into the WWE with angle involving The Authority, but Kim rejects it due to her baby's health. Soon down the road, the creators once again brings back Kim, and this time, Kim accepts and returns to the ring, but what happens when Kim goes for the Divas title? Read on and see what happens.


9. Road To WrestleMania

(Next Week On RAW - Backstage) 

Kim: *backstage* 

Natalya: Hey Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Hey Nattie. 

Natalya: Never knew you could deliver the dirty deeds so well. 

Kim: *chuckles* Of course I can, he's only my husband. 

Natalya: How's Joyce? 

Kim: She's great, she's hanging with my mama and pops, I miss her. I might go and see her after tomorrow, it's been a while. 

Natalya: Yeah, I bet it has. 

Kim: Yeah, but I'm gonna go meet up with Dean and see what he says, I'll see you out there. 

Natalya: Ok. *hugs kim* 

Dean: *watching roman cut a promo in the ring* 

Kim: *stands next to dean with her coffee* Hey. 

Dean: Oh hey babe. *puts his arms around kim* What's that? 

Kim: Coffee? Did you want one? 

Dean: No. 

Kim: Um, I think after tomorrow night, I'm gonna head off to Pasadena to see my baby. 

Dean: Your baby? 

Kim: Our baby. *smiles* 

Dean: It's funny cause I was just thinking the same thing. 

Kim: Really? You want to go with me. 

Dean: I want to, but I have house show to do the next day. 

Kim: Well then you can come afterwards because you're not schedule for Thursday. 

Dean: Let's just go together. We can leave after the house show on Wednesday since you're not schedule til Friday. 

Kim: Fine, ok then. 

Dean: Yeah, and if you leave, I'm gonna miss you. 

Kim: *laughs* That is just a big lie. 

Dean: How? *smiles* 

Kim: You don't even hang out with me backstage or talk to me at all. Only when we come across eachother! 

Dean: *laughs* You know don't you. 

Kim: Yes, what person doesn't pay attention to their love ones. 

Jean: It's time for you to get ready Kim. 

Kim: Ok, thanks. I'll see you later. *gives dean a kiss and walks off* 

Janet: *fixes kim make up* 

Kim: Am I good? 

Janet: Yes. 

Kim: Thank you. *smiles* 

Sandra: Hey girl. 

Kim: Hey Sandra. 

Sandra: What can I do for you honey. 

Kim: Oh no, I just wanted to come and see you. I feel like I haven't talked to you in so long. 

Sandra: Yeah, I know. You don't tell me to make new attires for you anymore. 

Kim: Yeah, I won't be for a while. *chuckles* 

Sandra: Why's that? 

Kim: I don't know, but me, I'm really considerate of others and how they feel and if they're tired of whatever. *chuckles* I don't like to over work the ones that are the only person doing it and that's you. So I'm just gonna reuse my olds ones like I've been since I came back. 

Sandra: Ok, well if you want anything done, I'll be glad to do it. 

Kim: Thank you love. *hugs Sandra and leaves* 

AJ: *parters up with charlotte* 

Kim: *partners up with Natalya* 

AJ: *starts off with kim* 

Kim: *locks up with aj and head takedowns her* 

AJ: *gets back up and locks up with kim* 

Kim: *headlocks aj and pushes to the ropes* 

Charlotte: *tags herself in* 

AJ: What?! 

Charlotte: *forearms aj to the mat* 

Kim: *dropkicks charlotte* 

AJ: *gets up and attacks charlotte* 

Natalya: *runs in the ring and brawls with kim* 

Kim: *brawls with Natalya out the ring* 

Natalya: *pushes kim and runs up the ramp to the back* 

Kim: *looks at the ring and goes and attacks aj* 

Charlotte: *grabs kim by the hair and throws her across the ring* 

Kim: *goes face first* 

AJ: *goes for the shining wizard on kim then the black widow on charlotte* 

(Smackdown Taping - Backstage) 

Mark: Kim, can I talk to you real quick. 

Kim: Yeah. *leaves with mark* 

Mark: With WrestleMania next week, whether you win or you don't... your contract is expiring real soon and we need to know if you're gonna renew it or not. 

Kim: How many months do I have left? 

Mark: You have seven months left.  

Kim: Really? What if I win at WrestleMania and I'm still champion by then? 

Mark: We always come up with a backup. 

Kim: Right, um... well let's wait til it gets closer, and I'll let you guys know. 

Mark: Alright, I'll keep that in mind for now. 

Kim: Ok. 

Mark: Alright, you may go. 

Kim: *gets ready backstage* 

Janet: *fixes kim makeup* 

Dean: Hey. 

Kim: Oh I have something to show you. *smiles* 

Dean: What? 

Kim: It's my new attire, you're gonna love it. 

Dean: I am? 

Kim: Well you're gonna laugh, but don't. 

Dean: Ok? *chuckles* 

Janet: Alright, you're all done girl. 

Kim: *smiles* Thanks Janet.  

Dean: Alright, go show me. 

Kim: Come.  

Dean: *follows kim* 

Charlotte: *comes out to the ring first* 

Kim: *comes out next dresses like dean* 

Fans: *cheers* 

Roman: *laughs* What? Did she just clone your ass. 

Dean: Yeah! She did. *laughs* She said she got a new attire and wanted to show me and I go and see and it's the same exact tank top and jeans like mine. 

Roman: The shoes? 

Dean: No. 

Roman: She even has her arms taped up. 

Dean: I know! Geez! Maybe I should wear what she usually wears. 

Roman: *laughs* Please don't. 

Dean: *laughing* No way am I. 

Natalya: *comes out to the ring last with aj* 

AJ: *locks up with charlotte* 

Charlotte: *pushes aj to the mat and slaps kim on the chest* 

Kim: Ow! 

Dean: Ouch I felt that too. 

Roman: Right. 

Charlotte: Go! 

Kim: *looks at charlotte upset* 

Charlotte: *grabs kims hair and brings her in the ring from the second rope* 

Kim: *moves charlottes hand and attacks her* 

Jerry: Wow, these ladies have not been playing nice lately. 

Charlotte: *brawls on kim out the ring* 

Ref: *counts* 

Kim: *gets in the ring* 

AJ: *runs for the shining wizard* 

Kim: *reverses dropkicks aj* 

AJ: *crawls to Natalya* 

Natalya: *reaches for aj* 

AJ: *makes a tag* 

Natalya: *runs towards kim* 

Kim: *reverses and puts Natalya in the cross armbreaker* 

Natalya: *taps out* 

Kim: *rolls out the ring and runs up the ramp and stops to look back at the ring on her knees laughing* 

AJ: *gets in the ring and screams at Natalya*  

Natalya: *clotheslines aj* 

Charlotte: *gets in the ring and attacks both Natalya and aj* 

Kim: *gets up and runs to the back*  

(After Smackdown) 

Dean: Did you want to head home or stay with me? 

Kim: Well you told me to stay with you, so I am. 

Dean: You don't have to, if you want to go you can. I'll be fine. 

Kim: No, it's ok. I'll stay with you. 

Dean: You sure? 

Kim: Yeah, I'm fine. I can wait to see her with you. 

Dean: Off to Pittsburgh it is then. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Stupid. 

Dean: *puts his arms over kim and walks out the building*

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