WWE: Road To WrestleMania 4

Road To WrestleMania 4; The night after WrestleMania, Dean Ambrose heads back up the road with The Authority. Triple H does all he can to take the WWE World Title from Dean. Kim soon gives birth to a premature baby girl 2 months early. WWE Creators finds a way to bring back Kim into the WWE with angle involving The Authority, but Kim rejects it due to her baby's health. Soon down the road, the creators once again brings back Kim, and this time, Kim accepts and returns to the ring, but what happens when Kim goes for the Divas title? Read on and see what happens.


8. Fatal 4 Way Match Made

(Elimination Chamber) 

Charlotte: *comes out to the ring first* 

Natalya: *comes out next* 

Ref: *starts the match* 

Charlotte: *about to lock up with Natalya* 

Kim: *music hits and walks to the ramp with a chair and mic*  

Michael: What in the world is Kim doing? 

Kim: Go ahead, don't mind me. I'm just gonna watch from here. *sets the chair* Go on. *smiles and sits down* 

Natalya: *kicks charlotte* 

Kim: *watches from the stage* 

Charlotte: *brawls back and forth with Natalya* 

AJ: *comes out* 

Kim: *sees aj and stands up quick and moves the chair* 

AJ: *smiles at kim* 

Kim: *staredowns with aj* 

Charlotte: *gets distracted* 

AJ: *walks to kim and gets her chair and sits on it* 

Kim: *gasp* 

AJ: *smiling* 

Charlotte: Get out of here! *turns around* 

Natalya: *puts charlotte in the sharpshooter* 

Charlotte: *taps out* 

Ref: *raises natalya's hand* 

Justin: And still your divas champion. Natalya! 

Charlotte: *upset* 

AJ: *gets up and skips to the ring* 

Natalya: *gets out the ring* 

AJ: *smiles at Natalya* 

Kim: *watches from the ramp* 

AJ: *looks at charlotte and grabs her hand* 

Charlotte: *confused* 

AJ: *puts charlotte in the black widow* 

Charlotte: *screaming and tapping out* 

AJ: *lets go and gets out the ring and skips back up the ramp* 

Kim: *staring at aj confused* 

AJ: *stops and smiles at kim and cont. skipping to the back* 

Natalya: *heads up the ramp* 

Ref: *helps charlotte to the back* 

Kim: *heads off to the back first* 

(Elimination Chamber Match) 

Dean: *laying on the steel outside the ring exhausted* 

Cesaro: *fighting dolph* 

Roman: *spears randy for elimination* 

Randy: *eliminated* 

Cesaro: *brawls with roman* 

Dean: *gets back in the ring and attacks Cesaro* 

Roman: *runs to spear Cesaro* 

Cesaro: *pushes dean* 

Roman: *spears dean on accident* Shit! *turns around* 

Cesaro: *throws roman out the ring and covers dean for elimination* 

Dean: *eliminated* 

Fans: *boos* 

Kim: *watching backstage* Aw. *makes a sad face* My husband lost guys.  

Naomi: It's ok, he'll probably get a rematch at WrestleMania again. 

Kim: He better! *smiles and heads to the entrance* 

Dean: *walks backstage* 

Kim: Husband, you lost.  

Dean: *hugs kim* I know, Roman wasn't supposed to spear me. 

Kim: He wasn't? 

Dean: No. 

Kim: Aw, so you would have really won then. 

Dean: Yeah. *leans against the table* 

Kim: *leans on dean and kisses kim* It's ok, I still love you. *smiles* 

Dean: *kisses kim back* I love you too. 

Summer: Oh my god, get a room you two.  

Dean: Shut up! 

Summer: Geez. *walks off* 

Cesaro: *puts roman in the neutralizer and wins* 

Ref: *calls for the bell* 

Roman: *upset* 

Cesaro: *celebrates in the ring* 

(The Next Day On RAW) 

AJ: *wrestling charlotte* 

Natalya: *on commentary* 

Charlotte: *puts aj in the figure four* 

Natalya: Oh no, poor AJ, she's done. 

Jerry: What? 

AJ: *screams and taps out* 

Kim: *runs into the ring and beats up on charlotte* 

Natalya: *gets in the ring and pulls kim off and slams her to the mat* 

Nikki: Wait, so Kim is still face then. 

Eva: I guess so, Nattie just went heel right there. 

Brie: This is so confusing. 

AJ: *attacks Natalya* 

Charlotte: *puts kim in the figure four* 

Natalya: *puts aj in the sharpshooter* 

(Smackdown Taping) 

AJ: *skips out to the ring* 

Kim: *comes out next to a huge pop* 

Charlotte: *comes out next* 

Natalya: *comes out next* 

Nikki: *sits down next to summer* This should be an interesting match. 

Summer: It looks like it already. 

Brie: Who do you think's gonna win? 

Summer: I say Kim and AJ. 

Nikki: I don't know, they're all so talented. 

Summer: Wait, this match or? 

Brie: Yeah, this match. 

Summer: Yeah, Kim and AJ. 

Nikki: I say Charlotte and Natalya. 

Summer: What about you Brie? 

Brie: Sorry Nicole, but I'm going with Summer. *smiles* 

Nikki: Ew. *looks away and smiles* 

AJ: *starts off with Natalya* 

Natalya: *clotheslines aj to the mat and looks at kim* 

Kim: *gives an annoyed look* 

AJ: *gets up and kicks Natalya in the gutter* 

Kim: *tags herself in* 

AJ: *pushes kim* 

Kim: *grabs aj by the hair and throws her out the ring* 

AJ: *tumbles onto the mat* 

Summer: What? 

Nikki: Who's the loser's now guys. *smiles* 

Brie: Oh please, Nicole. 

Kim: *headlocks Natalya* 

Natalya: *reaches for charlotte* 

Charlotte: *reaches for Natalya* 

Natalya: *slams kim and goes to tag charlotte* 

Charlotte: *jumps off the apron* Not today. *heads up the ramp* 

Natalya: What?! 

Kim: *dirty deeds Natalya and pins her* 

AJ: *gets in the ring and pulls kim off* 

Kim: What the hell! 

AJ: *beats up kim* 

Natalya: *joins forces with aj* 

Charlotte: *runs back and helps kim* 

(Brawl Breaks Out) 

Securities/Refs: *runs out to the ring* 

Stephanie: I am sick and tired of this feud! Is this all just for the Divas title!?  

Kim: *reaches out and grabs ajs hair and brawls* 

Natalya: *breaks out and attacks kim* 

Charlotte: *breaks free and attacks aj* 

Refs: *grabs a hold of charlotte* 

AJ: *gets the black widow on Natalya out of nowhere* 

Stephanie: *pissed off* At WrestleMania! We will have a fatal 4 way for the Divas champion! It's gonna Natalya vs. Kim vs. Charlotte vs. AJ Lee! *heads to the back* 

AJ: *smiles at kim* 

Kim: *tries to attack aj again* 

Securities: *carries kim out the ring* 

Refs: *takes charlotte out next* 

Securities: *takes aj out* 

Ref: *helps Natalya to the back*

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