WWE: Road To WrestleMania 4

Road To WrestleMania 4; The night after WrestleMania, Dean Ambrose heads back up the road with The Authority. Triple H does all he can to take the WWE World Title from Dean. Kim soon gives birth to a premature baby girl 2 months early. WWE Creators finds a way to bring back Kim into the WWE with angle involving The Authority, but Kim rejects it due to her baby's health. Soon down the road, the creators once again brings back Kim, and this time, Kim accepts and returns to the ring, but what happens when Kim goes for the Divas title? Read on and see what happens.


2. Call to WWE

(Money In The Bank) 

Dean: *defends his title against 7 other superstars* 

Triple H: *attacks dean first* 

Dean: *brawls back* 

Roman: *helps dean and beats up triple h* 

Seth: *jumps and attacks on roman* 

Dean: *pulls seth off and beats up on him* 

Jack: *fighting cesaro* 

John: *fighting randy* 

Dean: *takes out everyone with the ladder* 

Roman: *gets in the ring* 

Dean: *drops the ladder and staredowns with roman* 

Roman: *attacks first* 

Dean: *fights back* 

Kim: *watching from home* 

Seth: *curb stomps roman onto the ladder* 

Dean: *grabs seth and dirty deeds him then sets up the ladder and climbs it* 

Triple H: *climbs the ladder and grabs onto deans leg* 

Dean: *kicks triple h in the face* 

Triple H: *falls down the ladder* 

Dean: *reaches for the belt and takes it down* 

Fans: *cheers* 

Triple H: *gets pissed off again* 

(The Next Month) 

Mark: *calls kim* 

Kim: Hello? 

Mark: Hello Kim, how are you? 

Kim: I'm good and you? 

Mark: Listen, we want you to come back to the WWE, do you have any interest in coming back? 

Kim: Well right now I don't Mark. I just had a baby, she's a preemie still and I want to be with her until she gets bigger. What did you guys have for me? 

Mark: Well if you're interested in coming back, we will have you start off with the authority again. 

Kim: Oh ok, yeah that sounds interesting, but right now I don't want come back Mark. I know I said if you guys need me or want me back, I'll come, but that was before. I know now that being a mom is a lot of work. I'm gonna have to pass this time for a while. Maybe when I'm ready and think my baby is great enough, I'll come back, but as of now, no, I'm sorry. 

Mark: Alright, no need to be sorry Kim. That's why we have other divas and superstars as well. But thank you for your time, and thank you for letting us know. 

Kim: No problem Mark, and thank you for offering too. 

Mark: No problem Kimberly, enjoy the rest of the day. 

Kim: Thanks you too Mark. *hangs up and looks at Kayleigh* Let's go visit grandma, it's been a while. *takes Kayleigh and heads to Pasadena* 

Melissa: Oh my gosh honey, why didn't you call us? 

Kim: Well I wanted it to be a surprise. 

Blake: Oh hey honey.  

Kim: Hey dad. *smiles* 

Blake: Is that my princess? Bring her over here. 

Kim: *brings the carseat in the house* Joyce and I are gonna spend a few days here with you two. It's find of lonely in that big house. 

Blake: I told you to get a smaller house, you didn't listen. 

Kim: Dad, if I can afford it, I can get it. *smiles* 

Blake: Well it doesn't matter, saving is always good too. 

Kim: Yes, but I have more bank than you, so that's all that matters to me. I will help you and mom if you two want a bigger house or new things. *looks around* Matter of fact, I can replace all these for you guys. 

Melissa: No, it's ok honey. *holding Kayleigh* 

Kim: Well I'm gonna go shopping, you guys want anything?  

Blake: You're gonna leave her here? 

Kim: Yeah? Why? 

Blake: Take her, she's your daughter. 

Kim: Dad! She's so little, I can't take her out. Plus, not many fans know Jonathan and I are married or do they know we had a baby. Jonathan wouldn't like the fame on her so soon. 

Blake: You think you're mother and I had you stayed with grandma and grandpa? No! We took you everywhere we went Kimberly. 

Kim: Ok, fine dad! I'll take her! *puts Kayleigh in the carseat* Let's go baby, you don't need to stay with people like this. *leaves* 

Melissa: Kimberly. 

Kim: Bye! *puts Kayleigh in the car and leaves* 

(Backstage at RAW) 

Mark: Jonathan did you have anything in mind for a return for Kim? 

Dean: Is she coming back? 

Mark: Well she said not right now, but when time is right. Do you have anything planned for her? 

Dean: Just whatever she wants then yeah, I'll support her with it. I mean, we're both professional wrestlers, we know what to do and expect. 

Mark: Alright, I'll keep that in mind. 

Dean: Yeah. 

(Later On) 

Stephanie: *comes out to the ring with triple h* 

Triple H: *gets in the ring and grabs a mic* 

Stephanie: *grabs a mic* 

Triple H: *cuts a promo on dean ambrose* 

Dean: *comes out to the ring with a mic in his hand* You're challenging me? *chuckles* You're the boss, I can't say no Hunter. I mean, I hate that you keep challenging me because I'll just keep beating you. 

Triple H: You think that's funny Dean, well it's not! I will beat you at the next Pay-Per-View Dean Ambrose! This next match will be a falls count anywhere match! 

Dean: You're on Hunter. *drops the mic and heads to the back* 

(Three Months Later) 

Jane: *calls kim* 

Kim: Hello. 

Jane: Hey Kim, it's Jane here calling. 

Kim: Yes, hi Jane, how are you? 

Jane: I am wonderful, how are you? How's the baby? 

Kim: I am great; the baby's a lot healthier now. She's bigger a little too. 

Jane: Awesome, well it's been a while, are you ready to come back to the WWE? 

Kim: *sighs* Not really, but what do you guys have in mind for me. 

Jane: Well it's just what you been saying. You'll come back one year later and Survivor Series is this Sunday. We were gonna have the same thing for you Kim, we want you to come back and get the Authority. If you come back, we can have you come back next week. 

Kim: Ok, I'll have to bring my baby though. I can't have my parents watch her. 

Jane: That is fine with us Kim. 

Kim: Ok, I'll be back next week then Jane. 

Jane: Perfect, I'll let Stephanie and Paul know. 

Kim: Thank you. *smiles and hangs up* 

(Survivor Series) 

Triple H: *comes out to the ring first* 

Dean: *comes out next* 

Triple H: *brawls with dean* 

Dean: *throws some back and forth punches to triple h* 

Triple H: *fights dean at the stands* 

Dean: *pushes triple h down the stairs and jumps onto him and beats him up* 

Triple H: *blocks at the last one and strikes* 

Dean: *falls to the concrete* 

Triple: *takes dean back to the ring* 

Dean: *rolls in the ring* 

Triple H: *gets the sledgehammer from under the ring* 

Stephanie: *distracts dean* 

Dean: Get down! Get out of here! *turns around* 

Triple H: hits dean with it* 

Dean: *knocks out* 

Triple H: *goes for the pedigree and wins* 

Justin: And the new! WWE World Heavyweight Champion... Triple... H! 

Stephanie: *gets in the ring and kisses triple h* 

Dean: *rolls out the ring* 

Triple H: *celebrates with Stephanie in the ring* 

Ref: *helps dean to the back* 

(The Next Night On RAW) 

Kim: *arrives backstage* 

Tamina: Kim! *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Hey. 

Tamina: Is this the baby? 

Kim: Yeah, it is, she had to come with me. 

Tamina: She is so cute. How many month is she? 

Kim: Four... *chuckles* 

Tamina: She looks like a 2 month old! 

Kim: I know right. 

Tamina: Are you visiting or? 

Kim: No, I'm back actually. 

Tamina: Really? 

Kim: Yeah! I know right. 

Tamina: Officially one year later. 

Kim: As if I never left. *smiles* 

Naomi: Kim!? Hey girl. 

Kim: *smiles* Hey. 

Naomi: *looks at the stroller* Is that my baby? 

Kim: *laughs* Yeah it is. 

Naomi: *puts down the cover* Aw, she is so small and cute Kim! 

Kim: *smiles* I know she is. 

Dean: *sees kim* Oh you're here. *looks at Kayleigh* Hey baby. *smiles* Daddy missed you. 

Naomi: It's so weird to hear you two be called mom and dad or wife and husband. 

Kim: *chuckles* Why? 

Naomi: I'm so used to you two dating only. Right after you got married then you left like a month later and you got pregnant and we haven't talked to you since you left, so seeing you again as a mom is really different. 

Kim: I know, I sometimes forget I'm a mom. 

Dean: How? 

Kim: I don't know. *chuckles* Ok you act like you remember as well. 

Dean: I do, every night I wish I was home with my two beautiful worlds. 

Tamina: Aw, see Kim. 

Kim: That's all a lie. He called last time and I told him if he misses Kayleigh and he goes who. 

Dean: What! *laughs* No I didn't, that's all lies. 

Tamina: It's ok, you two are newly parents still. 

Naomi: True. 

Mark: Kim, Jon, can I talk to you. 

Kim: Oh yeah, hey Trin, can you two watch my baby real quick? 

Naomi: Yeah, well be here. 

Tamina: If we're not we took off with her. 

Kim: *laughs* No! 

Tamina: *laughs with Naomi* 

Dean: *leaves with kim* 

Mark: Are you two ready for this? 

Dean: Well not really, but we can go with it. I mean, most fans knows we're married right? 

Kim: Yeah, I'm sure. 

Dean: Yeah, just go with the storyline, I'm fine with it. I mean it's not like I always run into fans anyways. 

Mark: Alright, then we're doing it then. 

Dean: Yeah. 

Mark: You ok with it Kim? 

Kim: Yeah, if Jon is then I am too. 

Mark: Alright, we're doing it then. 

RAW: *starts* 

Dean: *watches backstage with triple h and kim* 

Triple H: It's been a year, you ready for this? 

Kim: Oh you know I'm always ready Paul. *smiles* I always bring my A game, you know that. *chuckles* 

Triple H: *laughs* Alright, it's nice to know you got yourself a wife who can back herself up. 

Dean: She's great. *smiles* 

Stephanie: *comes out to the ring by herself smiling* Last night at Survivor Series, my husband beat the lunatic fringe fair and square to win the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. *smiles and claps* 

Fans: *boos* 

Triple H: Alright, there's your cue Kim. 

Kim: *heads to the curtains and waits* 

Stephanie: No! Don't you ever boo my husband! He is the best in this business and he's what's best for... 

Kim: *music hits and comes out to the ring with a mic* 

Stephanie: Well look who it is. *smiles* The girl who lost her title last year at Survivor Series and was fired. Funny to say that because last night... Dean Ambrose also lost his title. *chuckles to herself* 

Kim: *gets in the ring and smiles*  

Stephanie: Who gave you permission to get in this building Kim. 

Kim: *smiles and then slaps Stephanie mad* Don't you dare diss my husband like that! My husband could have had the match won, but if it wasn't for you to distract him, he wouldn't have lost! You know what the title means and you know what it means to have it around your waist!  

Stephanie: *slaps kim back* 

Kim: *gasp* 

Stephanie: My husband beated your husband fair and square! You saw it, everyone saw it! 

Kim: Fair and square? You tried to distract him, but he saw you ahead of time lying... bitch! 

Stephanie: *gasp* Bitch? *slaps kim again*  

Kim: *spears and attacks Stephanie to the mat* 

Stephanie: *trying to run out the ring* 

Kim *grabs onto Stephanie again and pulls her to the mat and catfights with her* 

Securities/Refs: *runs out and pulls the girls apart* 

Stephanie: *grabs a hold of kims hair* 

Kim: *throwing her arms fighting back* 

Securities: *carries kim out the ring* 

Refs: *stops Stephanie* 

Kim: *trying to break free* 


Triple H: Are you alright? I told you to let me go out there with you. 

Stephanie: I didn't know she was gonna be here! *upset* Who let her in this building anyways! 

Triple H: I don't know Steph, but I'll ask. *leaves the office* 

(Smackdown Taping) 

Dean: *arrives backstage carrying the carseat* 

Kim: *pushing the stroller with the bags on it* 

Nikki: What? Why does he get to carry the car seat and the bags gets to sit in the stroller? 

Dean: I know, that's how mean she is. 

Kim: Whatever! *smiles* You wanted to hold her. 

Dean: Yeah, but then you decided to give me the whole car seat.  

Kim: Please. *chuckles* 

Mark: We have a room for you two Kim. 

Kim: Oh ok. 

Mark: It's right this way. 

Kim: *follows mark* 

Dean: *follows behind* 

Kim: *smiles* Thanks Mark. 

Dean: *takes out Kayleigh* Alright, let's go meet some friends baby. 

Kim: *holding deans hand* 

Dean: *holding kims hand and holding Kayleigh on the other arm* 

Zack: Aw, is this her? 

Dean: Yeah, this is her. 

Zack: Whoa, she's tiny. 

Kim: She's four months. 

Zack: Four months? She looks like a newborn still. 

Kim: Well she's supposed to be 2 months this month. 

Zack: Was she born early? 

Kim: Yeah she was Matt. 

Zack: Well I'm glad she looks great still. 

Kim: I know me too. 

Smackdown: *starts* 

Kim: *comes out to the ring* I apologize if I threw you guys off guard this past Monday on RAW? I don't know if you guys knew or not, but Dean Ambrose and I are married, and while I was fired and back at home. I watched RAW and Smackdown each week for one year. One year you guys! And I hated how The Authority treated my husband! I was so fed up with them ganging up on him, that I've decided to come back on my own terms. So WWE Universe! I am back! And I will not let them slip thru my fingers again! They want to punish and beat down my husband in front of you guys! Well guess what, they're gonna have to go thru me! 

Fans: *cheers* 

Kim: *smiles and nods* That's right, me! 

Charlotte: *comes out to the ring* Kim, it's such a shame you lost to me at Survivor Series last year. I mean, when I was on NXT, I watched your matches. You were pretty tough, had great in ring skills and ability, but the moment I got to wrestle you. You were like a piece of garbage!  

Kim: *gets mad* 

Charlotte: You fought like you were helpless, and when you tapped out, it showed me and everyone how weak you really are! 

Kim: *chuckles* How weak I am? Well ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the WWE Divas... oh wait! She's not the champion anymore! *laughs* I would of thought you would have still been champion, but I guess not Charlotte. *smiles down the ramp* 

Charlotte: *gets mad* 

Kim: That's what I thought. Just here to show off and win the title, but can't even hold it for more than 140 days. That's 204, no I take that back, that's 289 numbers off. *smiles* But it's ok, you kissed Steph's ass to get here to win the title, I'm sure you'll kiss it again to win it.  

Charlotte: You think you're tough Kim. *laughs* You think you're tough, I promise you that you could never beat me! I am the best diva right now in the WWE and there is no one who can knock me down and keep me there. 

Kim: Is, is that why you lost the title 140 later? Is that why you don't have it with you right now? Is that why you couldn't beat 344? Thought so Charlotte, big talk, but can't fight for nothing. 

Charlotte: *runs to the ring* 

Kim: *gets ready to fight* 

Charlotte: *stops at by the ring and laughs* Not today Kim, not today. *smiles and turns around to the fans* I don't know think so!  

Kim: *dropkicks from the bottom rope* 

Charlotte: *falls to the ground embarrassed* 

Kim: *looks down at charlotte and smiles to her then waves* 

Charlotte: *pissed off* 

Kim: *grabs onto the top rope and jump over onto charlotte* 

Charlotte: *groans* 

Kim: *gets up fired up* 

Charlotte: *gets up* 

Kim: *kicks charlotte back down and beats on her* 

Charlotte: *pushes kim over and beats her up* 

Securities/Refs: *runs to separate the girls* 

Kim: *attacks charlotte back to the ground* 

Stephanie: Stop! Stop them right now! *walking down the ramp and looks at kim* 

Refs: *holding kim back* 

Stephanie: Put these two in a match right now! Ref! Start the match! *walks to ringside* Start it now! 

Ref: *starts the match* 

Kim: *runs into the rings and waits* 

Charlotte: *slowly gets in the ring* 

Kim: *runs and attacks charlotte on the mat and then stomps on her* 

Ref: *pulls kim away*  

Kim: *goes to grabs charlotte* 

Charlotte: *suplex's kim* 

Kim: *groans and holds her back* 

Charlotte: *steps on kims hair and pulls her up* 

Kim: *screams* 

Ref: C'mon! Get off her hair! 

Charlotte: Shut up! *steps on kims hair and pulls her again* 

Ref: *pulls charlotte away* 

Charlotte: *slaps the ref* 

Ref: *looks at charlotte* Ring the bell! *calls off the match* 

Charlotte: *gasp* 

Kim: *attacks charlotte from the back then looks over to Stephanie* 

Stephanie: *stands up scared* 

Kim: *steps out the ring onto the apron* 

Stephanie: *climbs over the barricade* Kim, I don't want anything to do with... *runs* 

Kim: *hops the barricades and runs after Stephanie*

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