WWE: Road To WrestleMania 4

Road To WrestleMania 4; The night after WrestleMania, Dean Ambrose heads back up the road with The Authority. Triple H does all he can to take the WWE World Title from Dean. Kim soon gives birth to a premature baby girl 2 months early. WWE Creators finds a way to bring back Kim into the WWE with angle involving The Authority, but Kim rejects it due to her baby's health. Soon down the road, the creators once again brings back Kim, and this time, Kim accepts and returns to the ring, but what happens when Kim goes for the Divas title? Read on and see what happens.


5. Backstage Drama

(Monday Night RAW) 

Dean: *walking backstage with kim* Did you seriously had to kiss him? 

Kim: I didn't want to, but it was part of the script Jon. 

Dean: Well I didn't like it much, what if I kissed Stephanie or another diva? How would you feel? 

Kim: Well we kind of can't anymore because we made our marriage public to the WWE Universe and live television.  

Dean: Never know Kim, WWE could write us up for a divorce storyline. 

Kim: Oh my gosh Jonathan! Stop! I don't want to hear anymore! *walks off the other direction* 

(Later On) 

Randy: Hey everything ok with you? 

Kim: Yeah everything's fine with me. Why? *making her tea* 

Randy: Heard you and Dean arguing earlier. 

Kim: Oh no, we're fine. It was just a little talk we needed to clear up. 

Randy: Yeah, that kiss you two had during the match. *chuckles* 

Kim: *smiles* It's not funny, I was script to do that and he knew it too! 

Dean: *walks to the food court* Oh there you are. *looks at randy then kim* 

Kim: Don't worry, we were just talking. 

Dean: Cool? Um, tonight's promo... 

Kim: We're still gonna do it. I'm tired of last minutes changes and I don't want to go another angle. I'm back because of this Dean. 

Dean: Dean? 

Kim: Jon. 

Dean: Whatever. *walks off*  

Randy: Someone woked up on the wrong side of the bed. 

Kim: I don't know, I'm gonna go. *walks off* 

RAW: *starts* 

Dean: *in the ring with kim* 

Kim: *holding the mic in the ring*  

Fans: *cheering* 

Kim: *smiles* That's right, last night my husband Dean Ambrose won the WWE World Heavyweight once again. He is now a 2 timers. You see when you mess with one Ambrose, you mess with two. And last night, Stephanie thought she has her husband won. *laughs* But it funny when I came out and speared her, oh and not just that, but I swore the McMahon Helmsley were smarter? *looks at dean* I mean that kissed I gave Triple H last night. *laughs* Really was stupid. I mean he totally forgot he was in a match for a second there. And when he finally realized, the match was already... 

Dean: Over.  

Kim: *looks at dean annoyed* 

Dean: *looks at kim annoyed* And for $9.99 on the WWE Network, you can watch it over and over... 

Kim: As long as you want.  

Dean *looking at kim upset* 

Brie: That doesn't look good. 

Natalya: No, it doesn't. 

Dean: As Kim! Was saying! *rolls his eyes* 

Stephanie: *walks out the office with triple h* 

Nikki: This isn't good. 

Kim: At the Royal Rumble, I will have Stephanie beaten this time. And if I win, I get to enter the divas royal rumble. *music hits and walks out the ring first* 

Dean: *follows behind* 


Kim: Did you seriously had to interrupt me like that Jon!? That was real rude of you to just do that! 

Dean: Oh like you didn't interrupt me?! You think that's only fair for you to do?! 

Kim: I had the mic first! 

Few Talents: *watching kim and dean argue* 

Dean: Yeah, you did, but that was my part you said! 

Triple H: *upset* What is going on with you two? What is going on?! 

Kim: Jon's upset about last night because I kissed you, like bitch knew that was scripted! He really thought I wanted to do this part because oh, I don't love him anymore! 

Dean: What I never even said that jackass! 

Stephanie: Hey! Hey! Enough with the name callings! Last night was last night! Get over it! *looks at kim and dean mad* 

Kim: *rolls her eyes and crosses her arm* 

Dean: I don't, I don't even wanna look at you guys right now. 

Kim Excuse me! 

Stephanie: Hey! 

Dean: Whatever. *walks off* 

Kim: Dick head. *walks off the other direction* 

Stephanie: Seriously!? 

Triple H: I'll talk to him. *leaves* 

Nikki: Kim. 

Kim: What! Nicole! 

Nikki: Gee, are you ok? 

Kim: No I am not right now ok! So just leave me alone! *pushes nikki and walks off* 

(Later On) 

Stephanie: *comes out to the ring with triple h* 

Fans: *boos* 

Stephanie: Last night at TLC when I won by disqualification. *laughs* It felt so good, but then later that night. A fluke happened! Kim came out and attacked me and the she stole my husband and kissed him!  

Triple H: *shrugs and smiles* 

Stephanie: She caused my husband to lose his title match! And at the Royal Rumble, Dean Ambrose will defend his title against my husband again! And this time, if there is any interference, Dean Ambrose will be stripped from his title and hand them over to my husband! *smiles* 

Triple H: Now you guys better believe that because at the Royal Rumble, I will have Dean Ambrose put away! 


Dean: *drinking his water* 

Roman: Everything alright man? 

Dean: I don't know, ask Kimberly, she's the one going off for no reason. 

Roman: Look, you two were close, but then when she called off time to have your baby, you two hardly saw eachother and talked. I think that's what drifted you two apart, and now with your guys' daughter, things got even more in the way. I would say give her some space, but you two had enough already. Maybe just try apologizing to her, or do something nice for her. She probably just needs to relax a bit. 

Dean: Yeah, but I'm gonna go get ready. *leaves* 

Kim: *warming up* 

Dean: Hey. 

Kim: *irritated* What do you want. 

Dean: Are you still upset. 

Kim: *not really paying attention* No. 

Dean: Ok, well then can you look at me. 

Kim: What Dean. 

Dean: *exhales* Is that what it's gonna be now Kim. Dean to you. 

Kim: Ok! Jonathan! What do you want! 

Dean: Still in a bad mood I see. 

Kim: *sighs* What Jon, what do you want. 

Dean: Nothing, just to leave you alone. *walks off* 

(Main Event) 

Dean: *comes out to the ring* 

Big Show: *comes out to the ring next* 

Dean: *attacks big show first* 

Big Show: *tosses dean out the ring* 

Dean: *lands on his shoulder and hears a pop* 

Ref: *counting* C'mon Dean! 

Dean: *gives the ref a look* 

Ref: *talks to big show* 

Big Show: *gets out the ring and tosses dean back into the ring* 

Ref: *checks on dean* 

Roman: Dude I think he's hurt. 

Seth: Yeah, he definitely is, he's holding on that arm for a while. 

Ref: Are you ok? 

Dean: I think I hurted my shoulders. 

Ref: Do you want to call off the match? 

Dean: No, just continue it. *gets up holding his arm* 

Big Show: *slaps dean on the chest* 

Dean: *groans* 

Big Show: *grabs dean for a chokeslam and pins him* 

Dean: *laid out* 

Big Show: *gets out the ring* 

Kim: *walking backstage* 

Paramedics: *running to the ring* 

Kim: What the hell? *sees big show* 

Dean: *moves and holds onto his arm and leans to the side screaming in anger* 

Kim: *runs out to the ring* 

Nikki: Oh look, there she is.  

Kim: *gets in the ring* What happened?! 

Paramedic: I think he hurt his arm. 

Dean: *screams in pain* 

Kim: *gets worried* It's ok babe, you're gonna be ok. 

Paramedic: How does it feel Dean? 

Dean: I heard a pop on my shoulder when I landed on the mat. *groans* 

Paramedic: *strolls dean to the back* 

Kim: *follows behind* 

Big Show: Jon you alright? 

Dean: No! 

Big Show: I'm sorry. 

Kim: Sorry!? Sorry's all you can say Paul! My husband is hurt because of you! My husband might have to leave because of you! You hurted my husband and all you can say is Sorry?! 

Big Show: Look Kim, I didn't mean to hurt him. You know I'm just doing what I'm told to do. 

Kim: Yeah, but you should do it more with caution! 

Stephanie: Kim, I got it, thank you. 

Kim: You better do something about this because I am not in a mood tonight. *walks off* 

Stephanie: *looks at kim leaves* Geez. *looks at big show* 

Big Show: I'm sorry Steph, I didn't mean to hurt him. 

Stephanie: It's ok, he's gonna be alright, just go and we're gonna take care of him. 

Kim: *gets in the ambulance with dean* 

Ambulance: *takes off*

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