End Up Here

You walked in. Everyone was asking for your name. You just smiled, and told them trouble.


3. Silence

Monday morning, my alarm went off. I repeatedly hit it trying to make it stop. Once it did, I drag my ass out of bed to the bathroom and strip down. The water from the shower spews down onto my skin.

It takes about 10 minutes for me to complete my shower and get out to blow dry my hair. I quickly style it. It got slightly messy because I dripped a glob I hair gel onto my bare stomach.

I throw on one of my many, many band shirts and a pair of skinny jeans. Downstairs, both my parents are already gone so I make a bowl of cereal. I drink the milk directly out of the carton after I finish. Yum.

Ashton honks the horn outside and I run out. Calum is sitting in the front seat.

"How was your weekend, Cal? Did you clean your room?" I ask.

"Yes," he kinda pouts.

We laugh at our tanned friend.

"How was your weekend, Luke?" he wonders still pouting.

"Fantastic. We saw your sister and Ashton got a girl's number."

Calum just nods and we pull up to the school. Kids are filing in and so see her. I see Elena.

"Okay, guys. Bye," I rush out.

"Why are you in such a hurry?" Michael asks after Ashton drives off.

"Forgot about a quiz. I have to go study," I lie. I want to go to my locker by Elena.

I run down the halls. It's not like I have to say hi to anyone. I'm not popular so... I see her! She is emptying her backpack into her locker.

I walk up to my own locker and unlock it. She's almost finished grabbing her books when I turn to her.

"Hi," I say too cheerfully.

She just turns and walks off. Somebody is cranky today. Unless I did something wrong... Did I do something wrong?

I grab my stuff out of my locker and trudge to my first class. She's sitting down next to her "friends" while I just take a seat where I expect one of my friends to find.

"Hi," Calum sits down beside me. I can't help but keep staring over at her. She's so beautiful with her smooth, blonde hair and her big, blue eyes. She even dresses perfect.

"Hey," I mutter to him, still not taking my eyes of of her. She starts to turn her head towards me causing me to quickly turn away. I don't want her to know I was staring at her, especially if she's mad at me.

"Is everything okay?" he asks. I quickly come back into reality and look at him. He looks confused. Although, he always kind of looks like that so it's not like it's much different then usual.

"I'm all good. I'm just a little... preoccupied I guess." I don't want to tell him the real reason because he already called dibs on Elena. I can't break the guy code, can I? But does it apply if he called her before we even met her?

"With what? Luke, you really need to-" he's cut off by the teacher.

"Good morning, students. Welcome back to..." I begin to zone out as soon as she starts talking.

My teacher has such a monotone, boring voice. I slowly pull my phone out of my pocket. I don't want her to see me using it, but I need to do something to keep myself from falling asleep. All of a sudden, my phone starts to vibrate. I'm just happy it isn't the loud vibrate that some phones have. Thankfully, the teacher doesn't notice. I glance at the screen.

From: Unknown Number

8:13 am

I caught you staring at me

I look behind me, and sure enough, Elena has her phone out underneath the table. She's smiling like she's holding in a laugh. Her eyes make direct contact with mine. I pull my head around so I can text her back. I also add her number because I never know when I'll need her number again.

To: Elena

8:15 am

Well you weren't talking to me this morning

I wait patiently for her to text back. While waiting, the teacher stops the lesson. "Elena Thompson! Do you have your phone out while I'm teaching?" she scoffs. So her last name is Thompson. I'll need to remember that. I slip my phone back into my pocket as the teacher stomps her heels towards Elena. Elena's phone is ripped from her hand by the teacher.

"If you feel the need to have this during class, I think everybody should know why you interrupted their education." She looks at the screen at whatever Elena had on it. "To: Band Boy, maybe I was nervous. Or maybe I just didn't have anything to say lol." Band Boy, huh? I can't say that I mind that. She has a nickname for me. The teacher turns to the front of the room with the phone still in hand. "Would you like to tell is who Band Boy is?"

"No, I would not." That was all it took for class to carry on. I glanced back at her as she smiles with her eyes at me. I can tell she's holding in a giggle and I turn around.


The day finishes and I head back to my locker to retrieve my things. I see Elena getting her stuff out of her locker and approach with ease.

"Band Boy?" I raise my eyebrows at her. She doesn't even look at me when she finally decides to respond.

"You were wearing a Kurt Cobain shirt when we met and I've noticed other band shirts you wear. I also notice that you often put ear buds in when you're walking to class. You seem to really love music." She shuts her locker door and turns to me. I know she isn't trying, but she's so seductive. It also surprised me that she noticed me like that.

"So you've been watching me?" I ask her. She smiles slightly an I take that as a good sign.

"Yeah, I guess I have." She is still holding her smile, but she takes a half step closer to me leaving about 6 inches between us.

"Why?" I can't help but ask. I need to know if she's as infatuated with me as I am with her without actually telling her that. I just hope Calum doesn't come by and see us.

"You seem interesting. You aren't like all of the stuck up people that keep hanging out with me. I'm not really sure why they do." So she sees it, too!

"I seem interesting?" I take a small step closer to Elena.

"Yeah," she takes another small step. I she leaned in any further, she would probably kiss me. Or she would kiss my chest since I'm so tall.

My phone starts vibrating in my back pocket. I break our intimate moment and look to see that Calum texted me. He left early for the dentist.

"I should go," Elena says stepping back. Why? I liked being so close to her.

"Yeah, I'm sure my friend is waiting for."

"Ashton?" she asks. How would she know that?

"Calum always talks to me between classes when I stop by my locker." She starts to laugh. I love her laugh.

"Yeah, Ashton. I'll see you later, Elena." I start to walk, but stop when I hear her quietly say something to me. Pretty much everybody is gone and cleared out of the hallway.

"See you tomorrow, Band Boy." She laughs again and walks in the other direction from me. I look back at her and continue.

I go outside and see Ashton's shitty car sitting beside the curb. Michael is sitting in the passenger seat.

"Hey, guys," I greet them. Ashton smirks at me.

"Mikey said he saw you talking to that new American girl." Ashton keeps staring at me and I feel my cheeks turn pink. "Were you?"

"Her locker is by mine. And even if Cal called dibs, I can still talk to her." Ashton and Michael raise their eyebrows at me. "Just please don't tell Calum!"

They both laugh and we drive away from school. I just don't want Calum to get mad at me. He's my best friend. Ashton drops me off and so wave good bye.

"Hi, Luke," my mom smiles. She always seems so happy whenever I come home. Maybe it's because I'm the only person to talk to. Dad is still at work.

"Hey," I kiss her cheek. "I have quite a bit of homework." Okay, so maybe I lied. I do have homework, I just don't have a lot if it. I just want to go talk to Elena.

I walk into my room and shut the door. The last thing I want is for my mother or even my dad to hear me talking to a girl.

I open the contacts app on my iPhone, seeing Elena's name in the list and press the call button. It begins to ring... and ring... and ring. "Hey, this is Elena. You know what to do. At the tone, please leave your message, or press 1 for more options. Beeep."

I close my phone and end the call. She didn't answer. Maybe she's busy? She just moved here, how busy could she possibly be? Oh fuck.

Whatever, maybe a shower will make me feel better.

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