End Up Here

You walked in. Everyone was asking for your name. You just smiled, and told them trouble.


1. Prologue

It's finally here. I have to go back to that place known as school. I have waited all break and it's time. Yes, I am excited, but I wish I didn't have to. Wait, I'm not excited. School is shit and I wish it didn't exist.

The best part is always the new people that come. There are always pretty girls, and rumor has it that there is an American moving to our school.

"Luke!" I hear my mum yell from downstairs.

"What?" I shout back.

"You have 5 minutes!"

I quickly adjust my quiff so it's perfect. I will admit that I'm on of those guys that obsess over their hair, but when you have hair like mine, you have to appreciate it.

I scurry down the steps into the kitchen by my mum, Liz.

"Ash will be here any minute," I tell her.

"I don't understand why he drives you boys to school. He doesn't even attend, but he wakes up early enough to take you to school," she says referring to my friend, Ashton, that's already graduated school.

"He's a good buddy. He likes taking us and we like not having to take a bus."

I hear a car horn outside an kiss my mum's cheek. My dad is already at work and I have 2 older brothers that have already moved out.

I run out to see my friends Calum and Michael already in the car with Ashton. I used to hate Michael, but we are friends now.

"Ready for the first day?" Calum asks me.

"Hell no. I don't want to go. But I am excited to see the new girls that moved here," I smirk.

The guys laugh and Ashton turns to me.

"I will admit that was the best part of school."

We quickly pull up to the curb and Ashton waves at us as we get out.

A few 'hi's and 'hey's are muttered to us as we walk to our lockers. I wave back to most of them except the people I can't stand which is most of them. My friends and I aren't exactly what you would call popular.

"What's your locker numbers?" I ask the guys.

"248," Calum says.

"542," Michael sighs because he's far away.

"I'm 250," I tell them.

Calum high-fives me and then stops walking. "I want to know who is separating me from the love of my life," he says sarcastically.

I hit him over the head in a playful way. Calum is pretty stupid sometimes and he thinks he's funny when he's not.

Michael turns down a different hallway than Calum and I as we walk to our lockers. I need to shift my black backpack because it's so heavy.

"Who do you think it is?" Calum asks me.

"Who what?"

"The locker!"

I kinda zoned out thinking about the girls that I won't have a chance with this year.

"I don't know. We could ask the people around us. Maybe they would know."

We go to our lockers and put in the combinations we were given a few day ago at our school open-house.

I see a guy that I don't really talk to, but I know him. His name is Seth.

"Hey, Seth. Do you know whose locker this is," I point to the dreaded locker.

"Oh, yeah. It's the new American girl's locker, but I don't think we will see her until tomorrow. Apparently, her flight got in at 2 am like 2 days ago so she's adjusting to the time difference or something. I don't know," he answers and I nod before he walks away.

How people figure this stuff out, I will never know.

"Did you hear that?" I ask Cal.

"Yup. And if she's hot, I call dibs."

"You really think she will give either if us a chance?"

Calum stays silent. I've had a girlfriend before. Her name was Alicia, but it just didn't work out. She moved away, anyways. But girls aren't exactly interested in me.

"Are you ready for class?" my best friend asks, interrupting me from my thoughts.

"Oh, um... yeah." I grab my math book and a notebook with some pencils. I'm so relieved that Calum has the same first class as I do.

We walk down the hallway of squealing girls and a group of boys covered in tattoos. We see Michael and I wave him over to us.

"What class do you guys have?" he asks.

"Math," I say.

"Me, too."

Thank god! I have somebody else to talk to and copy homework from. Oh, what am I saying? I'm the smartest one out of the group of us. They know that, too.

We walk into the classroom and find 3 spots open in the back row.

"I really don't want to be here," Michael states.

Calum and I nod in agreement.

The teacher walks in and the bell rings to begin class.

Morning classes go fairly quickly and it's soon lunch time.

I drop my books off at my locker and walk into the cafeteria. Calum and Michael are already sitting at our usual spot from last year.

"Hey, guys," I sit down with my lunch.

They both mumble hello and continue to eat the garbage that we are served for lunch.

"So are you excited to meet the American?" I ask the boys.

"Yes! I already called dibs," Calum blurts out right away.

"Come on! Wait until we at least see her," Michael says back to him.

"Whatever. We don't have a chance with her, so I don't know why you guys are even trying," I tell them.

They roll their eyes at me and we finish the day at school.

Hellooo! I'm Sierra and I'm really excited to release this! I promise that the chapters will get longer and less sucky. Please vote and comment and please keep reading! love you all!

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