End Up Here

When Ally goes to a 5sos concert , someone slips her a note . It's a phone number ! She finds out that it's michaels! She meets them, and finds herself falling In love with one of the members . And the she— wait ! You'll have to read to find out !


10. chapter 8

Michael POV:

She fell asleep after 30 minutes. She was beautiful. I rested my head against the top of hers, and just layed there

. I couldn't fall asleep, or we might miss getting off. She woke up after 15 minutes.

"Were you watching me?" She asked groggily.

"Maybe." I said with a smile.

She giggled, she must be really hyper from her sleep.

She leaned in, and our noses touched. And then she kissed me,and I kissed back. We pulled back .

And the speaker went off, and it said

"the repairs went quicker that expected, we will now have you off of the Ferris wheel"

We got off, and walked back to the front of the amusement park. We left, and got back In my car.

We drove back to her place, and I walked her up to the door.

"You know," I started. "If there's anyone I would want to be stuck in a Ferris wheel for an hour with, it would be you."

She smiled that beautiful smile, and kissed me.

We pulled apart, and I whispered "goodnight" . "Goodnight" she whispered back, and I walked back to my car and drove back to my place.

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