End Up Here

When Ally goes to a 5sos concert , someone slips her a note . It's a phone number ! She finds out that it's michaels! She meets them, and finds herself falling In love with one of the members . And the she— wait ! You'll have to read to find out !


9. chapter 7

When we had to leave, it was around 11 pm. Nicole was going to sleep over at my house. We got our Pjs on, and just talked about how amazing our day was. An hour later, we fell asleep.


The next day, I got a text from Mikey. "Good morning, beautiful" it read.

I smiled and replied "good morning, handsome"

he sent me the "😏" emoji and I sent him the "😂😳" ones

.he sent me "wanna come over?"

"Sure. I'll Be there around 1pm" I replied.

"How about 7pm. I'm taking you out" he sent. "Are you asking me out on a date?" "I guess I am"


I had a lazy day, watching PLL.

"No!Ezra! Don't do that!" I yelled at the tv.

Nicole came in, laughing. After a bunch of episodes, it was 5pm.

"Gotta get ready, going out with Mikey" I told Nicole

. "Oooh" she laughed.

I threw on a tight fitted black dress that went to my mid-thigh.i brushes through my hair and straitened it.

I put on eyeliner, and black eyeshadow. I slipped on my black high heel stilettos and grabbed my purse.

It was 6:30. I spent the rest if the time looking at Instagram. Finally, the doorbell rang.

I opened the door, and Michael was standing there with black jeans with a white t-shirt and black jacket.

"Wow,you look amazing" he said.

"Thank you!" I exclaimed.

We were about the leave, when Nicole screamed "use protection!" We both blushed and walked to his car.

We got in his car, and he started to drive out of the neighborhood .

"where are we going?" I asked.

"Well...we are going to the amusement park" he said, grinning. I felt a rush of adrenaline as he said that.

"I'm so excited" I said back, returning his grin.

We drove for a good 30 minutes, talking and singing to the songs on the radio

We arrived at the park. We paid for the tickets and got inside.

Well, I didn't pay for it, Mikey insisted that he would pay for both of ours.

We first walked to one of the roller coasters, and we hopped on. We road a few other rides,and then decided to go on the Ferris wheel.

We road in the pastel pink one, and it took a while to get to the top.

"The view is amazing up here!" Mikey exclaimed.

"I know! I can see the whole park!" I said with the same excitement.

. We were at the top, and it was around 8pm. The Ferris wheel stopped moving, and we sat there in confusion.

We heard a muffled voice from a loud speaker, and we tried to make out what it said.

"All people on the Ferris wheel, we are sorry to say that it stopped working. We are working on fixing it right now. It will take at least 1 hour"

We sat there in shock. "One hour?" He yelled.

. I calmed down alittle bit. "Think on the bright side, Mikey. We get to spend one hour together watching the night sky." I said.

He relaxed a bit, and smiled

I smiled back, and he patted the spot next to him. "Come 'ere" he said.

. I stood up and took one step to the other side of the cart. I took a seat next to him and relaxed into his neck. He put his arm around me and we watched the stars and tried to point out constellations

.30 minutes has gone by, and I fell asleep

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